The Week That Was – 6.11.16 . The End is Nigh

Posted: November 5, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Went off early this week as who knows what the world will look like after Tuesday. Women will either be wearing pantsuits or protecting their privates. Men will be watching sports and drinking. Ok, not everything will change, fair call. Not much more to say really that hasnt already been said. If they dont know by now they never will. One amusing/annoying aspect of course is the short attention span of both the media and citizens to significant issues. Everyone is in a lather about the “emails” and yet Buffoon Bob will go to polls on Tuesday still with no tax return release! Kelly Bundy is a great example of your typical Trump voter supporter. Head can only hold so many facts until it has to lose one to take a new one on board

Mind you it isnt all one sided over there either . Obama has been doing the rounds and one generally expects a better behaved crowd at these shindigs even if the occasional protester breaks through the offensive front line in black suits and matching glasses. Doesnt take long then for the crowd to work into a misplaced frenzy that even the leader of the free world cant control. Or was it all staged? You decide

One thing for sure and certain is that the tightness of the race has sent the market into jitters already. If there is a silver lining it is that the Aussie $ could climb well against the US $ for any of you solo travellers out there. Of course in my case (also known as mild OCD ) I already have my US currency and so will simply have less Aussie $ to come home to anyway. Never been a glass half full type of person because in those situations my only question is “Ok which asshole took half my drink?”

Speaking of Kelly B, one is reminded of her affliction when one looks at our “Test” batting line up . I say “Test” that way because these clowns dont realise it is a 5 day affair. “Dont hook at the Waca” “Ok, I will forget I shouldnt slash outside off stump then. Done” . You can put them on a concrete road but if the ball moves a bee’s dick off line our boys are screwed. When Davie “Kaboom” Warner is the voice of reason in a team you know the world has turned upside down and yet we still remain on the bottom ? Interesting side fact. At Old Farts day the other week in Woomby there was a book fair and who knew Warner had released at least 5 books? I would have put money on the fact he hadnt read 5 books! Mind you he has nailed the Steve Smith likeness. It appears when he is not getting out LBW to men he is being caught behind by sheilas


In other sporting news is the world finally waking up to the fact that the QT man of league is not a messiah but just a naughty boy ? Expect 2017 to be a rough year for him media wise as his sheen has certainly dulled and only a premiership would gleam it up again. The World Series ( if the world was only the USA of course) baseball final was very good bordering on mesmerising. I found myself even understanding terms like “double play” which previously I assumed only referred to what happened after the game #lockeroomtalk#trump . Lets face it if BB wins next Tuesday next year they will be playing for the Trump Cup so enjoy it while it lasts

In TV land not a lot happened. Done with Youre the Worst after 3 seasons. I should be done with Blacklist but for some reason simply tune in each week to see how much sillier they can get. The bar is at record lows at present mind you. Paranoid is your typical solid UK drama with a complex plot and interesting obscure characters but with one major and jarring flaw. For some reason no Detectives over there ever carry a gun ergo baddies always get away. Russell Coight is apparently being resurrected. It was always a bit hit and miss for me but will be interesting to see if they “update” him. Judging by his efforts on Upper Middle Bogan I am suggesting Robbins does not have a vast range in the acting caper

November is here which means summer is in full blast. The weather folk will be alternating creaming their jeans over possible storms or possible bushfires. For Maryhole the only forecast we need is

And yep, nowhere to run. Let alone crawl.

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