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Posted: March 20, 2014 in TV

There is some scary shit out there. Not talking about the news per se but rather the reporting of it.

Devoted followers would know I stopped watching nightly news when they switched to the puffed up hour long bulletin of fluff. I stopped watching morning “news” shows years ago when clowns like Kochie and “thank you Karl” became celebrities for some unknown reason. Luckily this meant I missed all of the Corby nonsense and it would appear now I have missed some insensitive reporting of the Malaysian Airlines saga. In USA the feeding frenzy for theories is startling with the low point surely being the overlaying of Flight 370 over an old poster for TV show Lost. !I use to be one of those that complained but kept watching. But no more. Switch it off people. The sad fact is that if there is one thing that the slew , and amazing ratings, of reality shows has told us is that the general IQ of the great unwashed is closer to Alex Doolans test average than The Don’s.

I try to leave politics out of most discussions. I am a swinging voter generally with a strong history of Labor support but we are talking back in the Hawke/Keating era. I would never vote for Abbott of course as he is a dangerous buffoon but that should not let an under performing Labor party, for many years, get away with it. I grew up in Joh’s Queensland and while the gerrymander was a significant fact it tended to overshadow an inept opposition. So what has this got to do with media? I now watch a lot of Daily Show et al which has a strong anti-conservative bent but when you listen to the Republicans at times you can understand why. Scary shit indeed. But dealt with humour. See I can take blatant bias if it is with humour. Fox news in USA is so biased though but straight faced too! They actually believe the crap they say – as do many Yanks. In Aussie land the ABC is often accused of bias but they are amateurs compared to Fox – and also to many Aussie commentators. Have you ever listened to The Parrot on his perch – or his love child Bolts Hadlee? Pathetic biased reporting which luckily can be switched of. Mad as Hell is an Aussie version of Daily Show which is not quite as good of course as it doesnt have the raw material to work with that Stewart has. But we do have Media Watch – from that commie ABC organisation. The recent story about an edited “letter to the editor” by The Australian was simply appalling. And the insertion of an ACA camera crew and moronic reporter into a Qld Police operation is mind boggling at best and deliberating misleading at worst.

I liked my News with that druggie Mike Higgins reading it and a bimbo at the end leaning over a weather map with a big pointer. When these days the weather presenter appears as the brains of the outfit then you see the problem. I have watched crap TV in my day – Number 96 Hello?? To be fair back then we didnt have many options. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Sadly it is not just the news. Back then we had Rod Gallegos and Grandstand on a Sunday afternoon. Now we have that goose Vautin or clown Johns running a footy talk show with about 3 mins of actual football in it. The BACK PAGE use to have actual sports commentators on – plus Billy B for humour. Now they have some ex player who thinks he is a laff riot. Luckily there are still shows like NRL 360 to watch to get some actual sports news.

So to get actual news these days – of the unfiltered variety – you need to go online and try and find a non Murdoch publication. The Aussie Guardian seems about the best at present.

This puts me in the perfect position in the morning to do all the important things in life. Sit down to the puter. Get my news, have a coffee, play Throne Rush……..

Well something had to replace Number 96 right?

  1. aardvarkoz says:

    Yeah, switched from TV to the internet for news ages ago. My preferences are ABC news and Guardian Australian.

    Mind you, I do enjoy reading the Australian newspaper when I get the chance. They’re the only newspaper in Qld with any decent rugby union coverage! Plus of course the only broadsheet we have. A mate of mine worked for the Courier Mail and when they discussed switching their layout from broadsheet to tabloid he told his editor that the paper would also change in tone to the tabloid lowest common denominator. His prediction was poo-poohed but alas, he was spot on.

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