Monday Moan – Ya know you missed it

Posted: April 28, 2014 in TV

Two events over the last 24 hrs , though seemingly unrelated, simply confirmed a few concerns for moi about the quality of Austalian media and TV in particular. And its a nadir from which we cannot climb out of. Apparently

The Lionheart Leaping Leapai got a regular toweling. Now , anyone who knows anything about boxing knew this was the likely outcome. But you couldnt help get caught up in the magical fairy tale and just the glimmer of hope that he may just land that one haymaker. Now by all appearances he is a genuine nice guy who probably knew the realities. He has some talent no doubt but boxing is a cruel mistress. The gap between good and great is longer than the gap between their respective heights and reaches. The weigh in photo took me straight back to Hulk Hogan and Sly in Rocky 3. At least then it was played for laughs. But the real problem was the way the Aussie media built him up with daily reports from Camp Leapai. Just down the road from Camp Crystal Lake sadly. It was in Kraut land and one suspects the Lionheart maybe had one too many big sausages judging from his less than svelte figure. Even Klitscho , who never smiles, was radiant. Of course we had the US show pony showing up at times to add to the theatre – and also show the physique of someone in good shape admittedly. So now of course the media laud his brave effort and even the champ adds his praise. Very easy to praise someone who is not a threat. The media only tears down the successful tall poppies. Of course when ever there is a heavyweight fight the juices stir slowly as one remembers back to the halcyon days of Ali and Frazier.

Speaking of fond memories, what the fuck happened at The Logies last night? Ok to be fair I did not even know they were on and of course have zero interest. The last good Logies – note massive segue here slow uns – was when Ali and Moonface were doing their skit. We had a genuine King and we had the supreme host. And there was even an occasional good show in there. Gold Logie winners were actual media personalities who could turn their hand to most things and work ad lib with the best of them. They were lauded as true legends in the industry. Ok so it has been on the slide for years now but when some hack yobbo carpenter can win the gold statue well that will do me. Has there ever been a more searing indictment of the state of Australian FTA TV? People moan and whinge about GOT spoilers but really I am going to have to go on a media blackout this time every year to avoid being physically ill.

Segue 2 . ———- > Speaking of GOT, Monday is not all bad of course. Being ahead of the world in everything except TV shows (ok US gives us a good run) it means that Monday PM is Sunday PM in USA and we have GOT,MM, Good Wife, Veep, Silicon Valley(nice little sleeper) etc to watch at our leisure. But where is the moan in that? Well I cant watch in my leisure you see because if I dont watch GOT immediately some asshole will spoil it for me when online later during wine o’clock! And let me tell ya nothing spoils a frisky little 2012 Sav Blanc like finding out that MILF Cersei was sat on by a dragon and is now the same size as Dinklage.



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