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Posted: May 6, 2014 in TV

Ok , I cant afford to take a Monday off anymore. Sunday night (US time) is chock full of quality shows to watch on Monday but now they are starting to load up Monday Night as well with return of Louie et al. So lets run the slide rule over the current crop and see if we can drop any off. And lets not forget our UK friends either



GOT and MM are the lead players and are always reliable performers and similar in a way with the slow build up as season progresses – although GOT is known to throw in the odd early zinger. I struggle to follow some of the personal interrelationships on GOT but there are plenty of aids on the net these days to help us old farts keep up. Have to say though that the Daenyrus story line is clearly my favourite. GOT 8/10. MM started off slow but ep 4 may have finally seen Don bottom out and start the climb back up. He is not exactly a likeable character but have enjoyed his attitude since return to Sterling et al. 8.

Then we get our second stringers. Have always enjoyed Good Wife but it has struggled since death of Will and even Marty McFly is struggling to boost it . Solid 7 with a return to form likely. Mentalist really is a mixed bag . Post RJ started off pretty good but then they just have some stupid episode occasionally that plays out like Hart to Hart. The current 2 parter has been good though. 5/10 Like Mentalist, Elementary is very uneven but when it nails it is very good 7/10. Throw in Blacklist (5) and Person of Interest (5) for late week viewing – because I started when not much on I have to finish the story!

I am saving up Hannibal, Vikings , Americans and Bates Motel for full season watches

Short can be good. Californication 7 is a guilty pleasure but has actually been much better this season. The son is annoying in a Jonah Hill kinda way but having a Soprano on board cant hurt. 6/10. Nurse Jacki can be very good at times even if on occasion ya just want to slap her in the head – that is addiction though. Uneven so far so lest stick with a solid 6. Silicon Valley has been a pleasant surprise and very likable but only for 30 mins a week – then the nerds get a bit much 7/10. Veep started off slow for me but has started to hit its straps and last weeks episode with Meat Meyer was excellent 8/10. Inside Amy Schumer has at least one great skit per episode but some other stuff like the stand up less so 7/10

Then we have the comedy talk shows. Daily Show is still my fave simply because of the mix and excellent “correspondents”. Colbert is most talented and Bill Maher most out spoken. John Oliver is a bit much for 30 mins for moi

New shows for Monday now include Louie and 24. Louie is an acquired taste but when you have it ya cant shake it. There are just some scenes or lines from a show that stay with you even if some dull stuff around it 9/10. 24 has not changed. No one expected it too. Good location, topical story. 7/10

And just for something different gave the US version of Shameless a go and it is that rare bird – better than the original UK version!

Non US

Happy Valley currently my fave (8/10) but there are so many short miniseries to choose from. In the Flesh Season 2 just started – my preferred zombie story by a long way . Prey looks the goods too . For all of your UK drama check out this site http://www.crimetimepreview.com/
Penny Dreadful could be very good.

And every new 30 for 30 doco is a must watch , including Soccer series. Simply superb story telling

Its a full day let me tell ya. I have even missed my nana nap on occasion

EDIT EDIT EDIT Somehow I forgot Fargo – easily the best new show in TV land at present. 9.5/10

  1. ponderosa58 says:

    Excellent blog, but some of your followers may have missed the shows you inadvertently left off page 1. Arrow – Series 2 has gone a bit Marvel meets Mills & Boon 6/10; Glee has moved on from being High School Musical to The Voice without any chairs turning around 4/10; and Big Bang Theory still blitzes anything else on the Periodic Table 8/10.

  2. flashman181 says:

    Any “Follower” – including Joe Carroll – who follows that Trio of Trash runs the real risk of being blocked on this site although I assume someone must have shown you how to turn on the computer so she becomes my target. Speaking of which, Arrow missed the mark from the first episode . Glee may not turn chairs but it does turn stomachs. BBT is simply the most overrated comedy in TV land Period. The only Element of surprise with that is how it got a second season.

    KC CLP

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