Monday Musings – including, but not limited to, Moaning

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Lets rev up first with some CCs

Centrelink V Payroll Forget Godzilla, this is the current battle du jour. To continue to travel, and lose regularly at golf, Mr Money Man and I agreed I should look at Newstart especially as was almost 45 yrs old 🙂 So after my big package has shrunken considerably but perfectly acceptably with approaching dotage I should be able to claim Newstart about now. To make sure though I needed my Separation Form from Payroll which I should have ticked box for at time back in Dec 2102. So quickly emailed Payroll last Monday and got an almost immediate response from the lovely Carmen indicating she would start that process immediately and mail it out. A week later memories of dealing with Payroll come flooding back while the mailbox remains empty. Now initial dealings with Centrelink were similarly promising and in 2014 a lot can be done online. Huzzah. I had my CRN and my CAN which are apparently different and set up my 5 secret questions – listing the biggest assholes in Politics and didnt even have to leave the Federal arena. Then I had my phone interview where we struck the first hurdle although Harold was very helpful. Apparently I had an existing CRN from back in the days when I was a sperm donor or something I guess but he assured me the two numbers would merge seamlessly (of course they did not) and then arranged an interview with Job Employment agency the next day. All was on track – any one who has done a claim knows you have 2 weeks to complete or it is cancelled. Went to Sarino Russo ” What job would you like Sir?” “I replied Sultry Nude model“, we both laughed and then of course informed her of the “Golf Course” option. Quickest interview ever, left with my “15 hr volunteer workers form” and headed to Golf Club. All filled out and then we were left with the last hurdle. The in face interview to prove your identity etc. So I lined up at 08:20 this morning with Shazza and Darlene who not only had the flannos on but a rather fetching pair of cut off trakkies – I kid you not. All was good but by opening time the line had extended to 25 – or 50 if you are Paul Gallen . First comment though was “Sorry computers are down, there may be some delay”. Luckily though mine was pretty straight forward after I handed over my platinum Library card I was sweet to go. Go home that is and re enter all of my data on the old CAN! So a week into the claim and the only hurdle at present is getting the form off Patroll in next 4 days…..

Coasterville Ok Zynga are money hungry grubs this we know. There is something simplistic and appealing about games where you build pretty things in your own little ville. I never spent a dime but I did have some impressive erections in my park let me tell you. Then logged on yesterday to be informed that like Windows XP Coasterville would no longer be available after June but you can play Farmville 7 straight away. Fuck off. One less game to check on which is kinda even steven as just joined new and active alliances in Stormfall and Samurai Siege which fill in day nicely.

Community Forums While talking about online games I have noticed over time that these forums and their members – whether gaming, travel, movie and TV – all fall into 3 categories

1. Members who post and always generate a response regardless of topic or any apparent expertise
2. Members who are ridiculed regardless of content of post
3. Members who are simply generally ignored

While I often fall into category 3 this is not a complaint but simply an observation. The only true way to get genuine discussion , and help, on these forums would be for it to be totally annonymous

And now to end on a good note. Great effort by the Not Quite Dark Shark this morning to be the first player/Aussie player to win the Texas Slam in golf. He went in with pressure of Number One on his back and a nagging new wife to deal with. He just made the cut, continually improved and then won a sudden death play off. Class act.

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