A Bunch of Fives – Memorable Aussie Sportfests

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Sport

With the 100 th State of Origin game but hours away it has firmly entrenched itself on the Aussie sporting landscape – in some states :). In QLD at least it has a major impact on the day to day activity of the great unwashed like nothing else really. So it got me thinking – what are the 5 biggest sporting events in Aussie land that have stood the test of time and impact, if somewhat variably, on the day to day lives of folk. That is events held in Australia as opposed to a mesmerising event like the Americas Cup in 83. The five I have chosen are in my order of significance and would suspect the order will change with some of course and a couple of outliers would find their way in from the honourable mentions in the mind of peoples from certain states. But here we go

1. State of Origin – very much a QLD/NSW phenomenon but no one can deny its impact on the daily lives, especially of Queenslanders, and after almost 35 years it holds a special spot on the annual sporting calendar. Especially the first game. The nation may not stop but two states do. In a game with a strong international presence (cf AFL) a game between two states still holds top spot and that tells you something. Winning 8 in a row does not hurt of course πŸ™‚

2. Boxing Day Cricket Test. The first session in must watch TV , simple as that. The MCG is a stunning venue. Pity we have to watch that stupid yacht race at midday

3. Melbourne Cup. Ok it does stop the nation. Never been a gambler but fondly remember school days when was in a sweep and then for many years later it would be the only bet you would have all year. Every year it sneaks up on you and sometimes you leave it to that last morning but you still have to place a bet or at least get in a sweep. It is simply un Australian if you dont

4. Bathurst 1000. Ok this is more a fond memory but you cant deny its place in Aussie sporting folklore. The 1977 race always ensured that I would get a two door Falcon XB which I duly did as soon as I had a job. In 1978 πŸ™‚ Legends were made and a fierce rivalry, similar to SOO, developed. Aussies were Ford or Holden for many many years. Simple ast that. Its lost that now largely but the start and first few laps is still a must watch every year

5. AFL Grand Final . This is more a nod and a wink to the AFL faithful but it is the one game of AFL I try to watch every year. Especially now the Lions are so woeful 😦 Its all about tradition and atmosphere and no one does it better than the sporting mad Victorians at the palace that is the MCG. And its still a day game Thank Me!

Honourable mentions> Australian Tennis Open. F1 GP. Bledisloe Cup. Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Thoughts ?

  1. aardvarkoz says:

    Interesting that you don’t give the NRL final even an honourable mention?

    For me, the big ones are:
    1. 1st Test (cricket), because it’s the start of the international season and nearly always at the Gabba
    2. Bledisloe Cup at Sydney
    3. Qld Reds v NSW Waratahs (at Suncorp)
    4. SOO
    5. AFL Grand Final

    Honourable mention to the Brit & Irish Lions who visit our shores every 12 years.

  2. flashman181 says:

    The NRL Final lost me when they went to a night game. The SOO is the standout NRL fixture of the year by a country mile. The first day at The Gabba is a classic but once again I think the Boxing Day test over shadows it in the aussie sporting psyche. Union is boring – at least the way we play it πŸ™‚

    • aardvarkoz says:

      I believe you should say that “Union is boring – at least the way it’s reffed”. Yeah, the Boxing Day test is the biggest cricket event in the Aussie sporting calendar but not in our household!

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