An Affair I need to Remember

Posted: January 15, 2015 in TV

I was aware of the drama The Affair and liked the actors but for some reason stayed away as thought it may be melodramatic nonsense. Then it cleaned up at Globes so thought , well worth a quick look. Within first 10 minutes I was hooked. After 30 minutes and they flicked perspective and retold the same story I may have even been salivating. They had the whole bag of tricks – time jumps, narrative flips etc. Sometimes we started with her side first, sometimes the second half followed on rather than retold. All good stuff. And simmering all underneath was a police murder investigation with our two mad rooters front and centre. I gave up chocolate for one day so I could concentrate on episodes 4-6 more fully. I knew there were 10 episodes – this was getting tasty

Then the boom was lowered. Once invested in a story, especially a mystery, I stay away for reviews and forums. By sad chance I became aware there was a second season. Ok there is also a second season of The Missing but it is a new story, same writers. Dont slit your wrists just yet. It was with 10 minutes to go in episode 10 that gloom descended and suddenly we had Revenge 2 on our hands – admittedly with better plot, direction, acting…….There would be no satisfactory conclusion and we would be waiting until October 2015 for next episode

Devoted fans would know of my admiration for the Fawlty Towers model where you tell your story and piss off. They would also be aware of my loathing of the Lost model where you get to end of season 1 and there is a bloody trap door all of a sudden to 12 more seasons!

Ok I will line up in Oct 2015 because this is such a good yarn but they had a chance to really create something special here and instead went with something very good and also a guaranteed money maker. Its a complex story and so will need a refresher when October 2015 rolls around

I feel dudded somehow.

Like Cary Grant walked into the room and didnt see the wheelchair

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