The Week That Was

Posted: November 6, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Ah Queensland Summers ( yes we skip Spring apparently) dont you just hate them? Its either blistering hot or else huddled in the corner with a candle as lightning and thunder descend from above. Not that we get many storms “Under the Dome” here in Maryhole. It really is a Catch 22 for moi. Generally I like rain because I can justify staying indoors all day and it cools the place down. Not good if want to play golf of course and major damage for my poor bunkers on said golf course. This weekend is perfect example of connundrum. Rain today all u like – I can watch cricket and golf on TV etc. Not too much though as dont want bunkers to fill up. Then clear about 10 am tomorrow so can go out and actually play golf. Surely not too much to ask? Of course what will more likely happen is that the big tease will go all day as temp slowly rises, puddles form from sweat only and finally the skies will open tomorrow about 1 pm ie Hole 3!

Big week in Sport with the “race that stops the nation”. The race I refer to of course was who would sign Sam Burgess because blind and deaf Freddy knew he was always coming back after a stint with the leather elbow brigade. Souths were red hot favorite and duly delivered as expected – unlike the other race where some sheila showed the boys how it is done and then had her achievement completely overshadowed by some post race comments. Didnt even have a sweep horse this year – one advantage/disadvantage of not working anymore – and could not even name 3 horses in the field. The only certainty these days of course is that some ladies will get absolutely ripped and images will fly around the world courtesy of social media . In other sporting news, the Black Caps were a tad ordinary at the Gabba and we should have our first 3 day test of the summer – weather permitting. The news (in the loosest sense of the word) folk still cant quite let Hayne go despite it being obvious the shine has faded along with his prospects this year. When his greatest strength is how weak his team is then you know it wont end well

The biggest surprise of the week though of course is that The Verdict is still on?? Always reminded of the Frontline episode where Mike insisted on being taken as a serious journalist and the Brass pretended to support him. Karl has same affliction and about the same amount of gravitas. Never watched an episode never will. Despite my love for SM, the EX-PM is weak sadly. Some goose in online forum stated it must be “doing ok because it attracted 600,000 viewers”. This is the same populace that rated an hour of cat videos as extreme entertainment! Getting ready for cricket and 9 has an ad for latest crap about How Rich get Hitched or some nonsense. Probably attract 1 million of the brain dead who aint so much Walking dead (too much effort) as Sitting dead. Gotham continues to impress, Supergirl is bad, and good to see Elementary back on. Caught the Amy doco which was a mixture of interest and sadness. Her Dad was a real prick and hubby not much better.

As November has rolled around it can only mean one thing – next US holiday is only 3 months away! Have to start thinking of that catchy title for blog. Likely a JFK theme as doing his life in reverse – Dallas->Washington-> Boston. Just have to survive Dallas first of course

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