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Posted: November 29, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

As if the 35 degree heat was not a big enough clue, we now know Xmas is fast approaching because Julie Anthony has just released a Greatest Soppy Song Collection. This can only mean that the Whispering Jack “Almost Certainly Maybe Possibly Never Know Last Tour Souvenir 2 Disc Collection” must be next. When National Lampoon’s Xmas Vacation is screening we then know that the fat fella is poised at chimney entrance. Speaking of urban myths is there any chance we can get The Dome that sits over Maryhole laminated? If it is going to keep out all rain surely we should try blocking some of the sun too no ? My derision of all things weather forecast related is well known and it is mainly their arrogance of course and sheer gall to still produce forecasts in the absence of any actual proven record of accuracy but even I wonder at their stupidity. Why forecast a daily rainfall of 3 -21 mm which implies you are guaranteeing at least some rain. Make it 0-21 mm at least in keeping with your actual capabilities. Come to think of it just make it 0-1000 every day and at least you may get something right.

The Pink Ball test has come and gone in a breezy 3 days where the slightest less worse batting side hung on. Very good crowds for 3 days probably equates to average crowds for 5 days gate takings wise? There was a certain degree of freshness about this endeavour and when coupled with cheap tickets the crowds would always be good. Besides what else is there to do in Adelaide at night ? The Channel 9 Boofhead brigade tried in vain to make it interesting (but failed) and in particular the impact a wearing and fading pink ball would have under lights. Memo to said clowns – the batting team needs to last more than 60 overs to find out! Luckily some controversy came along to at least add some mild interest until it was discussed ad nauseum for 24 hrs non stop. All ex sportsfolk should be banned from the twitterverse. No one cares what u think, you are yesterday’s news. As mentioned in other media committments not sure it was such a howler DRS ? Yes it was out but under the current process( as in NRL) the onfield decision carries a lot of weight and there needs to be conclusive evidence ( like Snicko maybe?) to overturn. It was a not a good look though when the 3rd umpire Long was seen in the dressing sheds helping Lyon put his pads back on because he had already walked off, had a shower and 2 beers by time decision came through. Smith is fast becoming new Pup for me. Not sure what it is but he just seems unlikable to moi. In a day of some weird sights though surely the winning one was Starc hobbling out ahead of other batsmen when only 2 runs needed and then subsequently having to run a quick 2 for the win! The mind boggles , it really does. In actual real sport it was a great win for Jones in the Aussie Open. Two more things were apparent – Spieth seems like a genuine good guy but likely very dull drinking buddy and Scotty is in denial with his putting. You may say you feel comfortable with it but you dont look it. Like his hero before him – Sharkie of the Big White variety – he can come rumbling home all guns blazing only to just miss out on the choccies. I hope he feels suitably miserable this morning when he picks up his hot wife and adorable baby and heads out to the airport to his private Lear Jet to head back to Caribbean. What am I saying?? I mean when the chauffeured limousine picks them up of course

US Politics continues to both amuse and alarm in equal measure. What is a goldmine for late night satirists now has potential to become a minefield for the US electorate next year. Trump and Carson take turns leading the Republican polls and putting their foot in their mouth. But it doesnt seem to matter! Trumps latest bombastic claim is so typical. He definitely saw people in New Jersey celebrating as the towers came down on 911. He remembers seeing the video and he has the worlds greatest memory. “Where did you see this video Mr Trump ?” “I dont remember”. It is said with a straight face too! I doubt anyone seriously expected them both to be around after Thanksgiving but much like the gobbler that was pardoned by Jed Bartlett (oops sorry WW is now on Stan) these two turkeys are leading a charmed life still. At least now we know how Trump and Carson got free

USA is a fascinating place for moi which is why I keep going back but it is also a strange mix of folk with religion and guns always playing a part somewhere. After the recent Paris attacks many folk on travel forums are stating their intent to cancel holidays now to Europe et al. Each to their own of course but for me when your number is up it is up. This nicely leads into the unveiling of the mantra for next years sojourn – Adventure before Dementia. Thought I better state it now before I forget. February 2016 – mark it on your calendars fans

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