TV 2013 – The Good ,The Bad and Dexter

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Pretty good year really with solid returns and a couple of newbies that show potential. It was also a year I watched more foreign TV and there really is a treasure trove there folks. So the best for the year, in no particular order except start with the reliables

1. Breaking Bad – Always going to be hard to nail the ending to such a brilliant show but they did rather well

2. Mad Men – simply a solid reliable performer that never disappoints

3. The Good Wife – could just about be my favourite show that doesnt tax the brain but always keeps one interested

4. Misfits – unique and entertaining

Some Newbies that shone

5. Orange is the New Black

6. Masters of Sex

7. Vikings

8. The Americans

And the big losers

9. Homeland Season 3 – some potential early on but then died. If only Carrie had too

10. The Mentalist – specifically the Red John reveal. After 23 seasons a complete joke. The new direction of the show is good though

11. Agents of Shield – major disappointment

12. Dexter Season 8 – simply at a loss to explain that ending

As for some foreign shows?

The Returned – creepy and gripping as only the French can do it

Borgen – great political drama/soap from Denmark

The Bridge – the original and best

And as always some simply brilliant docos. No one does better sport than ESPN 30 for 30

Other notables – Keating, Fruitvale Station, Blackfish

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