Monday Moan – Time to Get Mean in 2014

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

People who mow at 0700 just because it is hot. Oh, that was me . Carry on.

Easy to moan about the heat but its miserable for most. But it does lead me into my current pet hate.

Cats. But thats another story

No it is Channel Nine. Kerry would be rolling in his grave, not that he was ever big on exercise. When did Channel Nine become an extended version of The View?

I use to watch The Today Show in the morning before work back when I had a job. You know, before Federation. Quick news and sport update from night before. Never riveting stuff but mildly informative. Now its about the “media stars” and any actual news is incidental if it does not involve a Channel Nine star, show or sport being televised . Ok scrap it – I am master of my remote – and just watch the “National Nine News Qld Edition at 6 pm” – just before bed. I blame the letter “Y”. We have Lofty passing over to Wally passing over to Gary. And this is the A Team – heaven help us when the Xmas crew comes in. The current sports presenter “Tom” looks like he just walked of the set of Frontline – he can not be serious. He must practice that fake smile in front of the mirror every morning for hours. And it is the Brisbane news anyway so when Clown 1 says to Clown 2 ” nice bit of rain today” it means SFA to us in Maryhole where the last rain was when the Poms won a cricket match. Which brings us to the cricket coverage. Poor Kerry

The Pathetic Pinnacle was the pre game lead in yesterday where we had the Pink Prancing clowns trying to display how difficult it was to see whether a ball actually carried into the glove. In this age of technology the set up was hidden by a piece of paper. It was hopeless and sadly reflective of the vaudeville nonsense that passes for sport commentary these days where once again it is more important to show the “personality” of a goose like Slats. Now the Pink Test is a wonderful innovation and all praise to it and the way everyone supports it including pink blazers. No problem, although noted with interest that Chapelli did not wear one. But it only lasted 3 days. Cricket administrators are tearing their hair out at the lost revenue through the gates. Simple solution. When the Pink Test finishes in three days due to the incompetence of the touring side, the Brown Test swings into action. This is in support of Prostate Cancer and is held in Alice Springs against the Indigenous Invitational 11. Send the Poms back there for a couple more days and see how much better they play. Instead of $1000 for every six there would be $1000 every time the Umpire has to put his finger up. Only fitting really. There would be a lot of declarations and would be a quick match. You know it makes sense

And to finish on a local issue. Woolies finally reopened and it seems fine and dandy. Not so sure about the carousel plastic bag set up though – very easy to walk away and leave one behind. Then one would be pissed off. Its bad enough to have to mingle with the great unwashed once a week – but to have to go back? Doesnt bear thinking about. After all I need to get home quickly

Mornings with Kerri Ann is coming on.

  1. The Brown Test is a great idea to support prostate cancer, although instead of Day 3 of the SCG Test, maybe they could have it on Day 2 (number two, ha ha) at the MCG Test?

  2. ponderosa58 says:

    Monday moan could easily become the Wednesday whinge if you wanted to broaden your horizons

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