New Year Resolutions 2014 Ver. 1

Posted: December 26, 2013 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Gone too early? Nah, strike while the iron, and weather , is hot!

1. Stop bagging weather forecasters. Accept they are ill informed, overpaid, arrogant clowns and move on with life

2. Better get a life then I guess

3. Become a Pilates Powerhouse to strengthen and support lower back

4. If 3 succeeds then shave 2 -3 shots of golf handicap. And back

5. See a new release movie in an actual cinema

6. Lower fluid intake but increase alcohol % for same overall impact

7. Play less Candy Crush and more Throne Rush

8. Ride Suze a lot more. Suze is a motorbike in case u r confused.

9. Continue to see more of the world and then amuse rest of world with wonderful story telling and pictures

10.Get 3 followers on Twitter. But not Warnie!

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