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Posted: December 6, 2013 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

People of a certain age remember where they were on the Day of Infamy, Dec 7th. 7 people in particular remember it very well in Maryhole. This was the day the Hospital Pathology Laboratory was closed forever. Well not quite of course. In typical management efficiency all testing ceased on that day and the doors were closed to the public. The staff however were expected to work another week of course predominantly watering the plants I imagine. In a true sign from the heavens all the plants died by mid week which is kind of odd given all the fertiliser being spread around at the time

Ok it didnt quite have the same impact on the world as that spat in the Pacific all those years ago although it had a significant impact on many and continues to one year later. There were two main differences of course. Ours was not a surprise attack and no one took up arms in our defense. The writing had been on the wall for a while despite the constant highlighting of the issues that would result from this hard nosed decision. Not being in the loop anymore……. Wait a minute, did I just say that??? Ok, not having ready access to people who know people who may have access to people in the loop means it is hard to gauge the real current situation for public Pathology testing in Maryhole. Maybe the good folk of Maryhole have a better idea. Certainly plenty of rumors going around. One thing for certain is that the decrease in service has not been matched by an equal cost savings for reduced service given some of the bandaid fixes in place. Wouldnt it be wonderful to actually have a concerned local member who made it their business to conduct a thorough review of what was promised and what has actually occurred? Staff were affected in different ways of course but as this is my blog and I didnt Moan on Monday its my turn now ok 🙂

I will be first to admit at the time it all seemed like a bit of a knob kiss for yours truly. Had worked for 35 years and was going to get a nice little earner to leave a couple of years early. 55 was just around the corner and Q Super beckoned. There was much jocularity – after all Xmas was just around the corner, I could play golf on Wednesdays and didnt have to deal with “certain people” anymore. The stock question led to the stock answer – play more golf, see the grandkids more, travel yada yada yada. After a few months reality kicks in of course. And man dont you get sick and tired of that same question or the usual comments – “Your golf handicap must have dropped now”. “It must be great not to have to work anymore” ” Damn you are a handsome man”. Ok, I never get sick of the last one to be perfectly honest

But you know what – 55 is too young to retire really. Unless you have a shitload of money of course , which kinda explains the constant smile on Mickeys face I guess. Pathology was also the type of job, for the most part, where you were busy and engaged all day not quite knowing what was around the corner. There were quiet times of course but you never really relaxed totally when one phone call could change your day very quickly. You also felt you were doing something productive and helping people and life had structure and purpose. Golf has not worked out as expected and in fact handicap has blown out. Couple of reasons I guess but the main one is the general aches and pains of an ageing body have really kicked in these last 12 months. I have the mind of a 40 yr old (immature one of course )and the body of a 70 yr old. Not a good combo, although may be worse if other way around. Its pretty easy to get into a rut too because you can always “do it tomorrow”. Simply no longer having a paycheck every fortnight – often with penalty rates – is restrictive on a free wheeling lifestyle. Common sense tells you its ok to spend some of the nest egg but when there is no more incoming, only outgoing, then one becomes circumspect. Kind of the opposite of constipation I guess where one becomes rectumspect.

Maybe I should not be surprised, and definitely not suicidal, but in that 12 months only one person from my “work years” outside Maryhole staff has even contacted me. Now we know we were not amongst the annointed ones with management because we would not play their game but thought I had some friends out there in the real world. Oh well, their loss 🙂 .And no, Facebook devotees do not count!. You have to make an effort – not just click “LIKE

CLP and I joke about the Bunnings option as we call it. Use my people skills for good not evil. But really, where is the fun in that? If you have to be nice to people 24/7 then I need to get paid a lot more than $20 an hour. I was barely civil at $45 an hour. And a better uniform. And paid Grandparent leave. And…….

So, as in all things be careful what you wish for – rarely is something what you expect. So if you meet me in the street and say something like “Lucky you, being retired eh” and you get a slap around the ear you will now understand. Of course you may not have read this blog. Which only leaves one question really.

Why would I even be talking to you?

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