SOO 2 – 2017

Posted: June 21, 2017 in Sport

As they say in the classics

Hard to imagine the Blues winning at Lang Park but a lot will depend on what team Qld can put out and in particular if JT can go around one more time. To be honest he was mostly a passenger during the game but is our lucky talisman and last time I checked you dont need two good shoulders to kick goals. Slater was superb in his return but perhaps the biggest thing to take away is that NSW can still crumble under the blowtorch. Their last attacking move was hopeless and that is when Pearce does not step up. Of interest to moi was the similarity to 2015 GF. Broncos got in front and tried to protect lead rather than trying to score and then a miracle pass from Morgan won it on the siren. Sound familiar folks? Of course, barring injury, Qld wont change now and so Papali can consider himself very lucky. Overweight and out of nick. The media south of border will bleet about refs of course. Some forward passes missed, clear shepherding of kick chasers etc. Not all one sided of course and there was the blatant taking out of Slater by Woods near the end right in front of the ref that went unpenalised! Swings and roundabouts folks

Slater 9 – always dangerous and adds spark and threat to any backline movement
Gagai – 9 – class again, great finisher
Chambers 8 – solid in attack and defense
Boyd 8 – did all that was asked
Holmes 7 – quality finisher too, lacks some size
JT 7 – injured clearly but his kicks made the difference
Cronk – 6 – quiet game really
McQuire 8 – hard worker
Gillett 8 – good at times , some solid defense
Papali 4 – no impact
Smith 8 – back to scheming best in second half, some defensive lapses still
Wallace – 6 – solid, middle certainly tighter
Morgan – 7 – made most of opportrunities
Cooper 6 – never really seemed to run with purpose
Napa – 7 – tried all night, not as much impact as at club level
Hess – 6 – will be better for the run, not much opportunity
Glasby – 6 – nervous start

And of course the money boys will be wrapped with a live match at Lang Park in July. Watch the prices skyrocket 😦

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