The Month That Almost Was – 13th June 2017

Posted: June 12, 2017 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Yeah its been a while. Been busy enjoying the Qld “winter” experience while it lasts. Cool nights and glorious blue sky days. Heaven on earth. The prospect of an approaching EVENT have the darts all stiffening over at Weather INC but does seem to be mainly northern NSW and creeping into Gold Coast

Speaking of the dawn of a new era and creeps from NSW, Kevvie has thrown both of “da boys” in the wheelbarrow and fronted up to the media with a new look team for SOO 2. Of course NSW media couldnt resist the dig about the “loyalty” chant which of course shows their combined IQ has them limited to the front row in any team put on the park. Qld were loyal in game 1 and it cost us big time. The irony of NSW naming same team is not lost on this LBD but it is all swings and roundabouts. QLD had a great run on continuity over last decade and it was never going to last. Scott and Inglis going down early were first signs. 7 changes are a lot but at least 4 were easy peasy – ONeill, Myles, Lillyman and Guerra had to go. Oates was a good call because although he “looked” good in game one and made no mistakes he also provided no real penetration. Wallace is the inspired call because with suspension likely we can all cry “foul” and ” rigged” when he gets a week tonight 🙂 Stirs up the supporters well. While I suspect NSW will still win in Sydney with Qld winning dead rubber to farewell JT, blooding some new blokes now will help in years to come. On the local front, no one likes to see a gifted player like Milf get injured but I for one think Broncs will do just fine with Benji there. Devoted followers know my view of Milf as one of the most overrated players pulling on the shorts and socks these days. In the meantime, here is hoping……

In TV land two media darlings – HOC and OITNB – have returned for season 5 and both show signs of maybe 4 was enough. Finished HOC and very predictable on one hand and unbelievable on the other but at least kept you engaged to a degree. If the Dark Knight tried to blackmail me so I could see season 5 of OINTB he would not get a brass razoo dear readers. Only 2 eps in and it is dull dull dull. Not sure will even finish this season but certainly wont be no binge watch. Not with shows like Fargo and BCS still going strong. For Caged Heat requirements always have Wentworth. Will save up the mind fark that Twin Peaks and American Gods will be for when suitably rested and heavily medicated

Online community is both a wonderful resource but also a place where assholes flourish in relative anonymity. I tend to peruse Trip Advisor for travel, Whirlpool for TV/Movies and LINE for in game chat. For every helpful tip on TA there is always an equally useless/sarcastic comment. Not sure what the criteria is for “TA destination expert” is but suggest it may involve ” must have left school at 15 and still living with parents at 30″ type scenario. Locked away in the attic busily spewing forth invective while baked beans are reheating. Interesting show a few years ago about how these so called “experts” had sent several businesses into bankruptcy with their reviews. Of course if you follow everything you read on TA then….

In the media world all opinions are subjective of course but the way some folk get so precious if you dare suggest that the latest season of “blockbuster” may have dipped a tad in the quality stakes is amazing. They seem to struggle with the concept that you can be critical of a show yet still watch it . If it was a new show that didnt engage in first few episodes then you would dump it but when a show like OITNB that was good at the start then you are going to keep watching it and hoping it picks up. Until that one whole bad season like with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Didnt even come back for Season 3. The same will likely happen with OITNB Season 6. Then there are the in game forums which sadly are mostly an avenue for a sticker off contest to see who can post the cutest one combined with most inane comment. You come back after 24 hrs and the feed there are 120 messages with only one useful actual bit of info in there that you will never find. Usually have one game on the go until it gets to the point where will need a significant financial input to progress further. Rival Kingdoms was it so have walked away now. To Guardian Kingdoms 🙂 Great little game initially which became very popular. So developers opened it up worldwide and the rich Asians have now joined and the game will have a finite life as soon becomes unplayable due to the number of “big” players with even bigger online accounts. Mind you I once spent $2.99 in Candy Crush but in my defense Your Horror , it was a bitch of level. Here is hoping level 2 is easier. In general people have been pissing me off this week in case you hadnt noticed

In holiday land “Between a Rock and a Soft Red” is well bedded down with the occasional winery/foodie event added as time approaches. The Ireland Fling is at the stage where start looking at accommodation with only 2 real stipulations – must be open in February ( a bit of a deal breaker to be fair) and must provide complimentary umbrellas. That then leaves the fun part of planning USA 2019 – The Golden Triangle. This initial monica basically covers all USA trips in early stages as it involves drinking beer in 3 cities relatively close to each other 🙂 Early faves for Feb 2019 are Los Angeles/San Diego/Las Vegas but heart not quite sold yet. One problem is at least two of these are predominantly “hotel” cities which is not my ideal choice for week long stays. In trying to recreate the glorious winter holiday of 2015 flirted with Chicago again but they now have a 17% lodging tax and basically conventions 10 months of the year and for the other two are under the polar ice cap. So likely will change over time and as it is the planning that is fun not a big issue. To be honest could really go back to New York in February every year and have a great time but not particularly adventurous eh. Probably need to start thinking more seriously a year out by which stage will be in Ireland drinking Guinness.

What could go wrong….

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