The Week that Was – June 30th 3017

Posted: June 29, 2017 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

And as the financial year draws to an end it appears I have less finances than same time last year but have seen new places. Fair swap methinks. Of course also means we are in the middle of winter. Apparently. Of course the predicted rain for today in Maryhole did not eventuate but at least the cloud cover is keeping it warm for the cry babies who panic if it dares to hit single digits. I know where I would stick their single digit. Now you would have to be a Trump supporter not to know that a cold spell is on its way in every part of east coast but here this weekend and in keeping with same it brings up the fake news like the headline in Courier Mail yesterday that temperatures would “plummet to 13 degrees over night in Brisbane”! Seriously? In the good old days overnight temps of 13 meant it was September at last. Its similar on You Tube where every caption is something like “watch CNN DESTROY Trump supporter”

As hard as one may try and stay away it is almost impossible to ignore Trump at present. Sadly. Everytime you think it cant get weirder it does. Has there ever been anyone with less grasp of reality yet still supported by his enablers. He has achieved nothing except the lay down misère of a Supreme Court pick yet is already fund raising for 2020! He complains incessantly of “fake news” yet has fake Time Cover stories plastered on the walls of his private golf club. His tweets continue to be those of an unhinged mind and just when you though Spicer was the biggest goose on the planet they roll out Huckabee Sanders to “explain”. I hate biased reporting from any side but really can anyone match Hannity for rabid dog behaviour? And of course there are cameras everywhere now clown – despite your wishes it aint 1950 still

Knocked off several great shows since last we spoke. Wentworth is a great Aussie drama and ended yet another superb season with a beauty. Leftovers was hard to follow at times but well worth the effort and Fargo is reliable as ever if a little “more of the same”. Better Call Saul is a brilliant example of the perfect prequel but is moving rather slowly it seems. Veep is running out of legs and at its best when Selina isnt on as most of her lines are simply frat boy banter. A good final episode at least. Am enjoying the Netflix show Glow. Foxtel Fools are giving away 3 weeks of free drama pack that expires on July 16. The day before GOT 7 returns 🙂 Wentworth, Veep etc all finished . Its the dullest 3 weeks in the year!

As a weekend hacker – transplanted to Wednesday – it was especially pleasing to see Spieth struggle last week and still win. Seriously driving wise he couldnt land a paper plane in the Pacific Ocean and he was missing putts from 3 feet and not even hitting the hole. By the end he was deliberately aiming for bunkers so he wouldnt have to putt. Worked a treat 🙂 The only talking point though this week is SOO 3 and who comes into Maroon team although there is one bigger question – does anyone actually like DCE? For me, I would keep Morgan on bench as better value there. Bring in Munster to centre and DCE to number 6. Does anyone really care all that much about the cricket pay dispute. Nope. Until Ashes rolls around and Glen Maxwell is captain

In Golden Triangle talk the triangle is getting bigger and a tad out of shape. Its early days still of course but these are the best days. Las Vegas just doesnt seem to grab despite a couple of flirtations over the years. Continually drawn back to the other side with prospect of reliving the wonderful winter of 2015. So while San Diego still appeals the lure of NYC and Boston is strong. Preferred accommodation is a big issue for us old farts and is getting harder and harder to get an “apartment” in many cities. NYC is basically impossible these days and one accepts that you can find a suitable hotel to lay down your head for a few nights as all the action is on the streets. I dropped a quick email to my old Boston lodgings from 2016 to see if thought still open in 2019 and he rang me back in 5 mins! This is the sort of service that makes one comfortable when visiting the land of Trump. As fly in and out of LA coming back to San Diego is not a deal breaker although direct flights from Boston are problematical. First world problems

At least there is always Facebook and their helpful messages like – “do you want to know what happens when you unfriend someone? “. Nope, pretty sure I can follow the concept. The only real benefit of Facebook these days really are the regular pictures of the 6 pack that appear as they continue to grow and explore the world. Nothing better of course then when they congregate as a herd 🙂

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