SOO 3, 2019

Posted: July 10, 2019 in Sport

Ya dont have to feel happy but at least redemption for Mitchell Pearce takes some of the pain away. Always seemed a decent fellow who just happened to run into QLD in its glory days. Much like Gallen but no one feels sorry for that ass clown of course

Even during the period of QLD dominance it usually came down to one or two plays and the presence in one team of 2-3 big match winners not present in the other side. Give NSW during that period Thurston and Slater and the results are totally different. Put Teddy and Cook in QLD last night and we win. In between that there is rarely a struck match between the two sides despite the stats. If Qld could have won last night then the nightmares return for NSW and they may never recover. Instead we have the possibility of a short dynasty. I say short because right now no QLD superstars appear on the near horizon while NSW stars are relatively young still and now not scarred irrevocably. However the next superstar may be just around the corner

As with all things human the spine is critical. Personally I dont cream my jeans at the thought of Munster at fullback. Definite star but prefer him at Number 6 not that Norman did a bad job. Qld strike is mostly in its wingers and PonGod set them up well in Game 1. Munster is more of an individual. Even Boyd would be well suited at fullback from an attacking perspective – certainly not defensively! Qld lacks good centres since loss of GI. Chambers is rocks and diamonds but 8 missed tackles is 7 too many and Mbye is nothing. Its where Broncs fall down as well with loss of Roberts. DCE was ok but should have set up FG in last two minutes. Norman is also rocks and diamonds but would stick with him. Hunt is ok but no Cook. Papali was good in patches as was Grub McQuire. Kafusi was solid but part of problem with the Qld pack is it is about 4 Kafusis! Dont get the rap for Ofahengaue – solid young player not SOO material. Lowe was very good on debut, Welch just standard. No variety in pack and no real threat

Glad NSW picked Klemmer because I reckon he is a lumbering log. Maloney was quiet along with Pearce but did nothing wrong. Turbo Tom was quiet while Wighton was dangerous. Ferguson was another redemption story and close to MOM – tip toe down sideline to set up try was icing on cake. NSW were there for the taking but we couldnt get it done and now its history and we have to live through the NSW biased media gloating

Kevvie is a great guy but not a great coach. Good certainly but purleese if around next year drop the new age crap. There is a reason he hasnt got an NRL job yet and think he would struggle there. Perfect assistant and a specialist coach like with the halves. Passion only gets you so far

Hey, at least India lost. Aussies will lose tonight which means only one thing


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