EID – Day 3

Posted: June 7, 2021 in Uncategorized

Today was our full day trip to Litchfield National Park with a slight detour to Adelaide River for some rascally reptiles. Pick up was 6 am so it was dark of course but could see the bus was full but a 25 seater van so no big dramas. As the sun rose did a quick scan to look for trouble makers and marked down the family of 4 and the single dolly bird as likely candidates to cause trouble. I was right again

It was a booteeful morning as we made our way to first pee/coffee break at Humpty Doo. To be fair both tasted the same 😰

Then it was on to Adelaide River for some jumping crocs to feed. It was great to get there nice and early and be only boat on the river. It was an amazing hour spent up close and personal to these amazing creatures. They are very territorial and also easily identifiable it seems. The big boy at 6.1 m was Dominator and he hung around near the jetty . The noise their jaws make when slam shut is amazing

Then it was time to head to Litchfield Park and the first waterfall. The beauty of these places is you can swim in the water and slip on the rocks almost at the same time. Cool and crystal clear. This was Florence Falls. It was crowded but still impressive and fun

Then it was time for a stop and some lunch – basically make your own wrap but certainly sufficient . There were snacks on the bus along the way so we would never starve . Then it was onto Buley Rockhole and as the name suggests a series of rock pools rather than a big waterfall .

The bus driver Daz then told us it was time for the highlight of the day – a visit to a butterfly farm . That’s it I’ve had enough I said

Sadly I survived and had to get back on the bus but now with out a bounce in my step

Before the thrill of butterflies though we stopped and examined some termite mounds. They are rather fascinating in design but by the tenth one the appeal was dimming. Those butterflies wouldn’t catch themselves

Then the penny dropped. The Bufferfly Farm in Batchelor sold beer as well. I hugged Daz and then ran in quick smart. Ok limped and hobbled but still head of this pack. So, we had a fridge and it had some bottles of beer in it . Would have loved a cold tap beer but a Corona would have to do. Found a couple of likely lads and settled in for all of 10 minutes

Then it was back on the bus and home to Darwin. Luckily we were dropped off second and so bid farewell to our new lifelong friends – yeah right – and headed back to our room and chill. Earlier plans to head out for a beer and dinner have been shelved and will settle in for a wine and some cheese and crackers. A lighter night eating wise won’t hurt. Cheese is low calorie right ? Tomorrow is a relaxed day before Double Bunger Wednesday ! More to follow….

It was a wonderful day with the crocodiles simply amazing and the opportunity to swim in a couple of waterfall rock pools magic . The great unwashed were mostly bearable. How the knee and ankle pull up tomorrow on the other hand….

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