EID – Day 2

Posted: June 5, 2021 in Uncategorized

Let’s not get carried away with any fanciful notion of a good nights sleep with a body that is falling apart like Mr Potato Head but the room itself is good. High floor and quiet , just a bit tricky getting the temperature right with AC etc. Also odd to be dark still at 6 am but did venture out onto balcony and there was an odd wailing sound from the streets below. Perhaps some fans realising I was in town. In general there appeared to be no Saturday night ruckus in CBD. I was disappointed

Today’s plan is to go to Museum and Mindil Market in the afternoon – basically the quinella from hell for any male but does leave morning free to roam. Will check out some more street art but first up let’s see how the “ complimentary continental breakfast” from on-site OAK restaurant shapes up . Is the sun up yet at 7 am ? Kinda . Onward and Upward

The continental breakfast was very passable and a good way to start the day. A less good way is to then walk 5 klm. Oh well. We headed off down to The Waterfront to see the Marlon Brando statue but must have taken a wrong turn. One thing you do notice in Darwin there is a large homeless population especially after a big Saturday night

It was a simply glorious morning and as we found with Alice Springs a few years ago colours in the NT just stand out more. The Waterfront is an impressive place indeed and would be wonderful for families. Rather deserted at 730 am which suits us fine. I did jump in for a few laps of the lagoon to burn off the muesli. It was brisk

There was also a waterpark and the Convention Centre along with many eateries and accomodation.

We then headed back into Smith Street Mall for a coffee via The Supreme Court et al on Nob Hill. 8am update – CBD still dead

Time to check out some street art which is simply everywhere . They actually look great from our 25th floor which gives an excellent view

Plans have changed slightly as have decided to break up the Quinella from Hell and help to extend the suffering 🤓 We shall head up to the Museum this morning and leave the markets to a more relaxed afternoon visit. The beauty of Oaks being such a tall building is you can see it anywhere from the CBD. Here is one I prepared earlier

Time to head out again . Knee – tick. Ankle – tick . There is only so much you can do

Now to catch that first bus. We had heard that Seniors travel free.

“ Excuse me Mr Bus Driver , is it true Seniors travel free ?”

“ Yes Sir and it’s ok I don’t need to see a card for you “

Sweet. Hey, wait a minute ….. there are smart asses everywhere

The bus trip was value for money. Did I mention it was free 😏 The morons have been all waiting at bus stop to catch this one. Lordy Lordy

This particular museum was the Museum and Art Gallery . Our main interest was the Cyclone Tracy exhibit and it was well done although the museum itself seemed an odd mix of displays. Some were boring and some really boring . Still, a fucket list item ticked off I guess 😀

Back in town and noticed Six Tanks Brewery near our bus stop which certainly seemed a sign. Looked good but very quiet for some reason. Then we experienced the service and wondered no more. We ordered a paddle but lone guy behind bar said he was training and would have to ask someone. Still – eventually – 7 good size tastes for $20 was good value so why not get the simplest item on food menu to soak it up – some Turkish bread. 15 mins later and beer almost finished and no bread . The place is still empty too. Called Numbnuts over and he went and saw chef and then realised order hadn’t gone through so gave us a free beer. At least it saved him a good thrashing

Thought would check out Crocosaurus Cave across road as a reconnoiter mission and bought some souvenirs in case don’t get back. Our thinking is with visit to Adelaide River tomorrow we may see all crocs we need to this trip. A very nice Yum Cha at Ruby’s had us settled back home by 130 pm.

Let’s check out the worlds worst located pool . Yep still no sun . Oh well

Now chill for a couple and then head up to Mindil Markets around 4 pm to mindil with the great unwashed I guess

Yep the place was a jumping. We got there a bit early which was probably our first mistake. Did not dim my boundless enthusiasm though

Basically 3 types of stalls repeated about 10 times all selling the same boring stuff. Plenty of food stalls of course but a bit early for that nonsense . We checked out the beach early and certainly looks good. Pity sunset is still 90 mins away and the hordes are gathering

We held a brainstrust meeting and realised we didn’t have a quorum. Still we both agreed we can come back another day for the sunset when there are no markets. Duh. Hoof it back on a bus into CBD and decided to check out The Loading Bay , a local Ginnery type place. A couple of cocktails hit the spot and we got some take away chicken wings

Time to head back home and an early night as full day trip tomorrow to Litchfield National Park. Pick up is 0550 am or what they call it here – night time ! A quick google search for best spots to see the sunset and usual suspects. Then had one of those lightbulb moments

Hey Honeybuns, aren’t we doing a Sunset Cruise on Wednesday night ?

So why exactly are we mixing with morons to see the sunset on another night ……

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