Evolving In Darwin – Day 1

Posted: June 4, 2021 in Uncategorized

And so it begins . The quest to complete my Capital City Bingo card by visiting Darwin for the first time. With an 0830 flight we flew by the seat of our pants – aviation humour – and drove down from Sunny Coast early on the day. Only concern really is there is only one flight per day so dont want to be late . Good run down had us settled in Qantas Club with a mere 2 hrs to spare 😏 And that allowed for 10 mins through screening. 7 staff and 4 passengers does lead to over exuberance.

Did the full body scan after being refused my request for a cavity search and it dinged. My magnetic personality perhaps .

“ Ok Sir, something showing up on right knee”

“ 3 tries – ah Sir can you move to the right and see that gentleman”

“ Is it about the size of a knee bandage. I have one on LEFT knee”

“ Yes but definitely right leg. May I Pat it down?”

“ Knock your self out mate but it’s the left knee”

He the proceeds to pat down my left shin. Ah that’s my left leg mate. Ah yes , and switches to the right leg.


Finished that and then of course called over for the bomb detection screen because they were all just standing around 😏

Will be one of those days where go from 10 degrees to 32 degrees in space of 4 hrs so for now still rugged up to a degree

It’s a 4 hrs flight so will be interesting – though not desperate – to see the alcohol policy . “ Alcohol is served on domestic flights after 5 pm except when over 3.5 hrs duration and then it’s 9 am “ Sweet, but have been caught before when the flight has to LEAVE after 5 pm so Qantas probably starts all long flights at 0830 for a reason 😏 Time will tell.

Yeah we got screwed 😰 Perfectly fine hot breakfast served but it’s a long trip even in exit row seats. The knee has deteriorated significantly this week for some reason so this 4.5 hrs flight ain’t helping. Could be a struggle to walk the streets of Darwin trying to evolve this week . Arrived just after 1230 pm and be glad to get rid off that mask !

A quick taxi ride had us ready to check in and room was good to go. We did pay for a higher floor but still very happy to be on the corner of floor 25 in a 26 floor building. One bedroom apartment has all we need

We decamped and then headed out to get lay of the land. It’s flat . I dressed as a Darwinian to fit right in. It’s a slow evolution ok

Pretty quiet really in CBD for a Saturday arvo so we walked a few blocks to get up a thirst and then dropped in to Smith Street Social as it looked quiet. Great range of beers so blew the froth of a couple and even had lunch there

Then we walked/hobbled down to waterfront to look at one of the expanses of ocean around. Impressive memorials to WW2 circle the park . Be a great place for picnics or events but again very quiet. Probably not a place I would return to at night 😏 Impressive Parliament House and Supreme Court precinct adjacent

Then it was time to get some supplies – ok alcohol ya got me – for a night in watching the sun go down. Or at least where the sun will go down as appears to be a very big Mantra in the way 😰 There will be other opportunities this week with a sunset cruise and a visit to Mindil Beach

Of course street art abounds here and will take more photos as week unfolds . This will do for starters on side of Monsoons

We did quickly jump in pool when returned around 4pm but was all in shade and rather cool. I suggest there would be a sweet time for it during the day but it would be brief and crowded no doubt. I shall report back

It will take a little getting use to time of day and sun position etc as still rather hot and bright – my description in senior yearbook actually – for drinkies at usual drinking time of 5 pm. As rugged individuals we did not let that deter us after all we bought sunglasses for a reason. Now, where is that champers …

I think we are going to like Darwin……

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