EID – Day 6

Posted: June 10, 2021 in Uncategorized

Not a lot planned today apart from some gardening later on. Let’s check some overnight SOO scores seeing as how we were nautically challenged at the time. Not as challenged as some it seems 😰

Time for our usual Continental breakfast before heading off for our adrenaline rush for the morning. Yesterday it was Chopper at 1000m with no doors. Today it is Petunias at 10 paces with no interest as we head off up to The Botanic Gardens . It was intoxicating

As far as Botanical Gardens go it was fine . I made it around maybe a quarter before the Twins of Pain kicked in and headed back to the Cafe.

Had given CLP free reign to roam so thought would finally try out these Neuron E-Scooters everyone is riding as there were a few parked in front of cafe. Odd, why not roam through the Gardens? So hopped on after scanning etc and nothing was working . Checked the excellent app and it provides no go zones where scooter shuts down. This would explain why they were all parked at entrance of gardens. That would be my neutrons kicking in. I carried my scooter out of the zone like a Constanza and once left the precinct I was zooming along when CLP turned up early .

Our next plan was to catch a bus to the nudist beach at Fannie Bay but I talked CLP into trying a scooter . Wouldn’t say she was keen as much as game but there were hills involved

It was a hoot I must admit and before you knew it we arrived and I stripped off. Hmm, so Fannie Bay is not a nudist beach then but rather the sight of a former gaol. Ah, caged heat . Beauty . The sight of the hanging area was rather mesmerising

Then it was back on scooter and thought we would check out Cullen Bay. The Casino at Mindil Beach is only half open so bypassed that on way although an impressive building . Cullen Bay is an impressive marina and general upmarket Marthas Vineyard feel to it. Maybe explains why no bar open until midday ! We wandered until then and then had a beer and fish and chips for lunch overlooking a lovely beach

Of course if I have a couple of sherbets during the day I can get mischievous

Time then to head home for a few. What started out as a quiet morning filled in nicely and really enjoyed the scooter rides . Will relax rest of afternoon before checking out Charlie’s for a drink and maybe dinner after 6 pm. When we got off the bus in CBD did some final shopping and then as luck would have it there was a single scooter just sitting on its lonesome there. I bid CLP a sad farewell and said “ See ya at home Sweetheart” as I let the beast have free reign while she walked

We arrived back at Oak at the same time

Had pulled up stumps for the day blog wise but had such a great night had to share. First up went to Charlie’s of Darwin for a gin cocktail on the rooftop terrace . Great area which I imagine goes off like a frog in sock some nights

Then we decided to have dinner at Tim’s Surf and Turf. We can see it from our balcony and it looks an interesting place. Had a hankering for some steak so this was the place to go with wagyu options up the ying yang. The food was great but the standout were the staff especially Tim himself. he performed a lame magic trick for laughs but then a great one with perfect slight of hand . Here is the lame one

Perfect end to a great 90 mins of fun in the city – and we got to taste some crocodile

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