EID – Day 7

Posted: June 10, 2021 in Uncategorized

And on the seventh day he chilled out . It had been a busy 6 days and now our hero felt fully evolved. Well full anyway

Two plans today – find an excuse for another scooter ride and try not to break leg on said scooter ride . Should be fine, ducked out for a solo practice late last night and really mastering it now

First up though some breakfast . Initial plan was to have a sit down nosh up at a local cafe but after the protein overload last night we opted for our usual continental breakfast in house and then continued our search for a good coffee. Yeah nah it ain’t going to happen folks . Postie failed to deliver – that passes for humour up here

A last wash is spinning and cleansing as we speak and when complete we will head down to The Waterfront for a swim and a lay down. There could be beer involved later but unlikely . Yeah, I crack myself up sometimes. Will also be hanging out for our BC upgrade request on return flight tomorrow. It’s not a deal breaker but in current climate may as well use points somewhere. Unlikely to be flying anywhere long time in sky for a long time. Now where is my scooter . Ah there is is under that Stud Muffin

Arrived nice and early at Waterfront and made mistake of approaching the lifeguard at beach

“ Hey, aren’t you the Bunker Boy at MGC? “ Fuck me if he didn’t ask me to grab a rake and show him how it’s done . Certainly don’t bother to ask a MGC member 😏

After that I found a nice big chair to sit in and wait for CLP and must have dozed off

CLP arrived and shook me awake . Luckily we were already tog compliant so just had to brave the water . But first a photo opportunity not to be missed

A pleasant swim and relax had us hanging out for that first beer of the day. This time we chose The Precinct . Good range of brews and very pleasant aspect looking over wave pool. For $7 entry fee I will make my own waves fella thanks all the same

Truly is a magnificent place down on The Waterfront for families and singles alike. Had a quiet afternoon ahead so thought we would grab some more oysters while the grabbing is good as we leave tomorrow. Aw Shucks – again that local humour kicking in

A quick scoot home and finally succumbed and bought a CUinNT T shirt so all shopping done. Will chill for a couple now until one last venture out late afternoon to the Babylon Bar . I may even have a drink of alcohol for a change . I may be drowning my sorrows as check in has opened for our flight and no upgrade 😰

Babylon Bar was quirk personified which is fine but not necessarily comfortable. Still, better than just rocking up to The Darwin Hotel for a XXXX

And so another day ends and basically the holiday itself. Quiet night in and then laze around tomorrow morning until 10 am and head out to airport for trip home

In cattle class it seems 😰

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