Evolved in Darwin At Last

Posted: June 11, 2021 in Uncategorized

And so it ends. A magic week where everything came up roses only disappointment being Qantas at the end. It’s one thing to miss out on an upgrade request ( from February) but it’s fucking ridiculous to be notified at 4 am on morning of flight of that result 😡 It’s going to be a long day

We have to fill in time until checkout at 10 am as simply no point getting to airport any earlier with a 12:55 pm flight. Qantas Club is ok still in these difficult times but it ain’t life altering . So usual continental breakfast and then a walk around corner to a Merlot Coffee Outlet. As in keeping with general mood of day it was cod ordinary. I have a theory about coffee in Darwin. It’s bad. Ok two theories, the other one being they don’t make it hot enough maybe due to the weather 🤔. So with about 90 mins to fill in and 2 mins needed to pack let’s roll out The Flashies

Highlight Jumping Crocs. Amazing creatures up close and personal and a memorable memory – the best kind. Of course Heli Pub crawl was great but comes at a cost

Best Food Oyster Bar. Great variety and great location

Best Beer That first schooner of Kirin at Smith Street Social really hit the spot in rather salubrious surroundings . A pleasant first up surprise in Darwin

Coldest Beer The Airy at 1000m near Darwin River

Best Coffee. The next one 😏

Most Fun The Neuron E Scooter was a blast. Great app and payment method makes it all a breeze . Great flat city with wide footpaths

Best Dining Experience Tim’s Surf and Turf. Great steaks in a fun outdoor setting with a very funny and welcoming host

Biggest Disappointment Mindil Markets . Over crowded boring repetitive snoozefest

Best Scenery Sunset of course . The falls in Litchfield Park were stunning but I think Darwin Sunsets are rightly renowned

Best Tour The Heli Pub crawl was unique and well run. Great guide/pilot in Jacob . Crab Claw Island is magic but for me I always prefer tap beer.

Biggest Surprise The Darwin Waterfront is a magic oasis in the city . Can laze, swim, eat or drink but not all at the same time necessarily Relaxed atmosphere. Would be busy in Summer no doubt

Worst Pool Location Eva There can be only one winner by the proverbial country mile . The Oak Elan

So, in closing before the 4 hr flight from hell big wraps for Darwin . It’s a unique city certainly and think we picked best time to visit . Not too hot and not too crowded. The Oak Elan was a very good choice especially paying a bit extra for a high floor. Free public transport for us Seniors is a superb initiative . CBD is small and it’s very easy to get around although can be dead at times on weekends especially . So that just leaves one thing to say

Up Your Date

Taxi arrived on time and at airport nice and early as is my go if not our go 😏 Check in was easy and then in keeping with how the day was going it was 10:20 and for some obscure reason Qantas Club did not open until 11 am despite there being Qantas flights to Adelaide for example …….. at 11 am . Once in though it is an excellent Club indeed. Good food options . Of course bar doesn’t open until midday as is norm even pro COVID

Flight was delayed of course – that sort of day . My Expert Flyer Seat Alert app had at least informed that in the rows of hell no one next to me and no one in front . Sweet. Ok 4 people behind me . How you might ask – 2 adults with screaming kids on their laps. The couple in front decided to of course separate and he sat in front of me and must have threadworms because he never stopped moving for first hour- that sort of day

Then the alcohol arrived ! With some food apparently . Food was ok , alcohol was tricky , as in small bottle of wine was 2.1 standard drinks and of the Bowlers Run variety when the squishers forget to wash their feet. The beer was good. So, after a mixed diet things were looking a bit better. I slapped the kids around and gave Asshole in front some cream from an old Oreo in my pocket. Things were looking ok and only 2 hrs to go

So, apart from the cramped seat have to say trip is ok. Would have liked to upgrade to BC just to see difference and also burn some points. Plenty to drink in Economy if you want to. The In Flight Wi Fi is fine and great to see the hosties enforce mask rules .

Ready to head home now after a great week and have said to CLP that will do me for a while travel wise

But that was yesterday…….

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