The Week That Was – 17.9.16

Posted: September 16, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

And so the Broncos bow out for another year at least with some fight. When you have a makeshift centre pairing you are going to struggle and a 10 minute period in second half with two easy tries did that. After getting every call last week they squared the ledger this week, not that there were any howlers like last week. Two missed offside penalties (even Gus Gould acknowledged them!) were critical though especially the last one near full time. Of course the NSW media used all their ink last week moaning about how things went Broncos way – wont be a peep this week . You cant help but wish good things for JT though as he is simply all class. Parker wont look back on his last few games with any great pride and Milford was usual missing link. Boyd was good but backline in general lacking. The forwards need 5 more Thaidays. McGuire is a clown thug and Blair not much better. Gillet brain explosion didnt help anyone and tie that in with Roberts effort last week and there is your season gone. It can be a tough world at times and you have to think the Cowboys could be spent after last nights game. Luckily they only play Cronulla:) Would like to see Panthers win it all and some Bronco do something stupid on Monday just to round out their season in style. Jason Day is going to struggle next week again one assumes and you wouldnt want our Adam to have a 4 foot left to right slider to win it all on the 72nd. The gob merchant DJ looks a safe bet. Wallabies won a match and the fans rejoiced. Such a small group these days that largely went unnoticed

In the land of make believe people better get ready for a Trump presidency and then look in the mirror for the culprit. We now have the charm offensive in full swing even with some hair tussling involved. From afar it is no more believable as each week passes but becoming more understandable. You would have to think the debates are the last chance for him to totally stuff it all up so even the deplorables see it. In the land of political satire have to say Samantha Bee is knocking it out of the park while Colbert is only a shadow of his former self. Not really following the back and forth here on the plebiscite but seems an awful lot of money to spend on a no brainer. Guess that what happens when you have no brainers running the country

In TV land Offspring and Suits finished season/midseason finales and the world did truly rejoice. Offspring had a certain whimsy to start with along the lines of a Seachange for example but simply went gaga a season or two ago, came back after a break and did the impossible. It got worse. Once you lose whimsy you are dead in the water and we all know what that means. Sharks jump over you easily. As for Suits, well what can u say. Has one of the most unlikable characters in TV land in Rachel( only matched by Elizabeth on Blacklist for this LBD) and a plot line of late simply of the charts. There are too many ridiculous things to list and still get to sleep tonight – except maybe the A Few Good Men reference! – so lets just say sayonara to both shows for ever. In a pleasant surprise though a new show Quarry comes along and looks like the cats pyjamas. Like Aquarius before it is set in a great time period in USA -early 70s. Great cast and interesting plot so far . Many other shows return next couple of weeks but not getting sucked into AHS again.

In other news, nothing happened

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