Grind n Bind – The Next Few Days

Posted: June 3, 2022 in Uncategorized

The Pain Train has arrived and it has several carriages on board . There is a dark tunnel ahead but I think I see light at the end 🙏🏻

Checking my schedule I see it arrived just after Midnight on Day 2 so not a bad run really so far . It literally felt like my ankle was in a vice and some asshole had turned it full up.

Tried some Panadol first up as always hesitant to reach for the heavy stuff early on . Yep, that did nothing let’s back up the Oxy truck that Michael Keaton sent me #dopesick . Within 30 mins pain had settled and was actually able to get some sleep . Of course at night time always want to ensure you turn a light on first before doing anything . Only need that mistake to happen once trust me……

It was quite a warm night with a little rain around and this helped as need to have foot elevated and no blankies on top. Maybe just a sock. Now where did I last see that “ribbed” sock 🤓

I suspect the pain is perfectly normal and expected now and doubt anything to do with yesterdays little accident. As my brother (an actual doctor ) says “ Those screws are deep in the bone cortex and ain’t going anywhere” . Now for the next joy of the morning

It actually was pretty easy once I realised you had to take them out of the plastic first 🥹 A quiet day ahead now just working out the pain relief/constipation/alcohol holy trinity . Life is all about balance after all.

And drinking.

Once again C(P)LP has been wonderful and would be lost without her. I will give her a break in a couple of days as she gets some pampering for a change . Still no nurse’s uniform mind you 😏

Weather is glorious of course being a QLD winter. One Oxy at night ensures I get some good sleep but when that wears off we make do as best we can. The house is well set up especially outside in the morning sun. Good golf to watch on TV and the weekend is passing relatively easily. It ain’t fun at present but coping quite well . Was a bit of a knob kiss when Foxtel gave me two screen access for free being a loyal customer. As long as wifi is good – not a guarantee here – I have access to Foxtel as well. Sweet.

Nursey Mercy has put together a breakfast menu to choose from and this morning “bacon and egg on English muffin” caught my eye as my bit to celebrate Queens jubilee. At least I am more mobile than that old fart now

Well that hit the spot. Guess it is time to head outside and see what needs doing . Yep nothing

Am trying to keep mind active at least with puzzles and crosswords etc. CLP and I have our usual intelligent discussions as well

Not a lot will change for next few days I imagine . Hoping to maybe travel quickly to Brisvegas for an overnighter at RJER on Friday but will wait and see how next couple of days go

Later dudes

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