Grind n Bind – Week 2

Posted: June 9, 2022 in Uncategorized

Week 2 has begun much like week one ended . Me watching other people work while soaking up some sun . Mind you they would be lost without my clear direction . PS – the pool looks glorious 😰

It has been stunning weather of late. Cool nights and clear days . This is what QLD winters are all about . CLP is barring up about setting up the fire in late afternoons and so as usual I supervised from a safe distance and called out when it was time to

When last we left our hero he was on the horns of a dilemma . Alcohol V Pain relief. There can only be one winner in that little battle and no surprises . The only real question is do we ease ourselves in or straight to the serious stuff 🤔 Yeah right.

Not totally dismissing the possibility of imminent alcoholism the reality is there has been very little pain really apart from first two nights . Never been one to overdose on painkillers with their side effects it has been very manageable. This is mostly good news of course but the downside is you can forget about your “no weight bearing for 4-6 weeks” and absent mindedly put your foot down. Especially after a few sherbets …. However pleased to report after week one no incidents to report and all seems to be on track. Next important step is visit to Dr Bali next Tuesday in Maryhole for wound review and wallet assessment. I am assuming both will show less swelling afterwards 😏

First thrill then these last days has been bath time. I am all set up downstairs which is great but the bath is upstairs and trust me a couple of sponge washes in these temperatures had me climbing the stairs lickety split. Unlike cows it is easier coming back down of course . With the help of Nubile Nurse 1 it all worked well so no one ring after 4 pm because that is bath time ok .

Next step then was to get out and about so yesterday we went to Flaxton Barn for a very nice Devonshire tea. It is a Knick knacks store and CLP was able to get that large wall clock to hang outside so we can tell the time poolside . Baths freshen my mind and body so no surprises that it occurred to me that for now this clock also served as a great tool to remind us when it Wine O’Clock

Next step then was a planned train trip to Brisvegas today to see RJER and spend the night just to get out and about. Sadly Munchkin 1 is not well so will postpone a week. It seems at least half on my grandkids are also in various stages of a bad “flu” as so often happens at this time of year 😰 So , plan B will be to venture out late morning to a local craft brewery for a beer and lunch and maybe get to Brisvegas next Friday

Have been able to watch a lot of sport this week including SOO 1 . Classic game where NSW always looked dangerous but QLD hang on and scramble and throw in some individual brilliance when needed. The golf saga is getting a tad tiresome and while a clown like DJ can do whatever he wants don’t tell me it is “ for my family’s secure future” If they ain’t secure after the $100 million you made on PGA they never will be . Tried to watch a bit on YouTube but didn’t grab at all.

On such a glorious day though time for some exercise first before frivolity . Laps of the pool first up

Well that worked up a thirst, time to head out for the launch of my new charity . It’s like LIV golf but without rich assholes. It’s called Limping for Lager and will go off like a frog in a ribbed sock trust me . First stop then is The Craft at Flaxton

So the beers made me hungry and we stayed for lunch. Very passable steak Sanger and a couple of frothy ones certainly filled up this little belly

Well it’s been a rather full day and am feeling rather full and it’s almost bath time so will sign off now for another up your date and maybe just look at the vista on this rather superb day for a mo

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