Grind n Bind – The Blue Period

Posted: June 14, 2022 in Uncategorized

Weather has remained quite glorious if a few degrees warmer . Do love the crisp clear blue days . The big date on the horizon is first follow up visit with Surgeon on what would be Day 10 Post Op. Memories of his bedside visit in hospital came flooding back but that could have been some post anaesthesia fog to be fair

Of course this required a road trip back to Maryhole and then Hervey Bay . It would be a big day of driving for my honeybuns who has been wonderful of course. Also good to quickly check on house and air it out for a few hours and maybe finally finish that pesky jigsaw with CLPs help. Voila

As with most specialist visits we didn’t get in on time but rather 40 mins late which stuffed up our lunch plans a bit . Time for the big reveal then and hoping to see a clean wound and minimal swelling . First up was a bit messy

Then we got the magic sponge working and all started to look good. Doc commented that he did spend an extra 20 mins in surgery removing a lot of bone pieces and can certainly see some has removed from the sides. Allowing for perfectly normal swelling the prospects for a relatively normal looking ankle are good

Then it was time for full plaster and we went with Royal Blue in the Platinum Jubilee year . It’s amazing stuff. One minute it is just bandage and then a rub here a splash of water there and it is rock hard in 5 minutes. I snatched a couple of bandages to use when needed if ya get my drift 🤓 Then it was time to head off and head back to Kureelpa with a slight detour for a snack at Bell Hilltop

So it was a very long day , especially for CLP, but we have a good report card to move forward with. Next visit is on July 5th where we cut off the plaster and move to moonboot for a while . Let’s toast The Blue Period for now

In between long boring road trips there has been a lot of TV watching of course. Watched mostly PGA golf as LIV doesn’t really grab me yet , if ever. Think that latter tour is best summed up by this clever image

Watched The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix as rather difficult to just Netflix and Chill at present 🥹 It was very good although not a perfect wrap for either Ebert or Siskel. Now we have to find that next series to watch together .

The irony now of course is that my left knee is causing me more grief than my right ankle/leg, the irony being that was the knee I first went to see Orthopod about before pulling the old ankle switchers. It carries all the weight going up and down stairs, getting in and out of chairs etc. Having just stopped the anti- inflammatory pills for ankle two days ago going to start them again now for the knee ! Life is funny eh

So being Thursday it was lunch date day . The RSL seems ideal as is the only place CLP says I can wear Trakkie Dacs out in public with her 😏 It was a very good meal in pleasant surroundings even if we were the youngest there and amongst the top 50% mobility wise . Nice to have a beer of course at anytime

So, time to sign off for another blog and next few days will be quite though enjoyable with not much happening apart from revelling in QLD winters. Darool Darool. And as they say , always leave ‘em laughing

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