Grind n Bind – The Big Outing

Posted: June 20, 2022 in Uncategorized

Well it was bound to happen eventually

Ah wrong outing . As we pass the 3 week mark it was time to venture further afield and head to Brisvegas. Good to get out and about in this glorious weather and also catch up with Munchkins 1 and 2 and spend a night with RJER. To add to the excitement we thought we would train it down to the big smoke and blow the froth of a couple before deCamping in Camp Hill. Spooky eh . Now, this will be a good test trust me . Why you ask ?

The ankle is doing very well. Occasional niggle here and there and some throbbing at times etc. All very manageable especially with me mate Oxy bedside adjacent 👍🏻 The unexpected problem- which in hindsight may have been expected duh – is that the constant weight bearing on left leg especially going up and downstairs is causing significant grief with left knee which was already suspect and led me into hands of Orthopod Inc initially. I would suggest another 4-6 weeks of this will advance the need for surgery on that knee by several months 😰 Almost hardly seems worth heading home from Flashman Inc in August and just line up next surgery and convalescence?


Ah CLP just fainted . Ok maybe we will postpone the knee for a while 😏

So train trip will be fine but am a bit concerned about moving around CBD with crutches for more than 5 mins at a time. The crutches are easily adjustable an inch at a time – if only that worked for everything below the waist eh🕺🏻 5’11” works well for up and down stairs but 6’ is best for general walking . 6’6” is great for toasting marshmallows 🤓

Fair to say mobility on the crutches has not been as easy as expected which may explain why I can report back on a few new shows 😏

The Old Man with Bridges and Lithgow looks great 2 episodes in . Candy was rather predictable and slow so gave up . Sherwood looks like your usual solid UK drama and keen for this. Gaslit has been weird to say the least and could easily walk away after that nonsense episode 7 but then only one left eh. Under the Banner of Heaven is next in line. In the meantime the US Open golf was great and why it will always outshine the LIV nonsense

CLP is currently getting some landscaping done around the pool which means workers are here most days but the end result will be worth it . Tomorrow (Thursday) the dirt turns up now the borders were done yesterday

On a glorious day then it seemed now (Wednesday) may be a good time for some sun by the pool. Shirt off, trakkie dacs off. The rest…….well there are no workers around ….

Friday dawned another booteeful morning as we prepare to head off for our two nights stay at RJER in Brisvegas. Next challenge of course is crutches plus back pack plus Great Unwashed . We arrived in plenty of time and nice and quiet . Train left on time #notQantas

Good train trip down and needed to get out at Central to catch another train to South Brisbane when we discovered our first problem. Escalators

Getting on at bottom was ok with one crutch and hold the rail. As we approached the top two things were going to run out quick. The stairs – fine;the rail – help 😳 Managed to grab some wall quickly but no more escalators for this LBD. Then got out at South Brisbane and needed a pee stop. No worries ……until you meet the swinging doors . Eventually managed it and luckily Charming Squire was basically next door because I needed a drink ! Or two

Next adventure then as a cab to RJER . A maxi cab waiting ? Sweet. Or not . They have a massive step up to get in and it didn’t go well with some overbalancing and right foot put on ground. not full weight bearing and it is now 3 weeks so think we will be fine but certainly not as ambulatory as one may have hoped for at this stage .

Got to RJER nice and early and thought would have a lie down. I had this strange feeling something strange was going on. Mischief was afoot. Time to check the security cameras .

Well if that’s the most mischief that happens no problem. Now we just wait for Munchkin 2 to arrive . I will be safe with her though ….

The fire was mesmerising as usual but still a chill in the air. Now, what helps with that 🤔

Strangely the knee and ankle hurt a little less now 😀 the wonders of modern medicine eh. The outing has highlighted a few issues to be aware of but certainly worth the effort . Will spend a quiet day tomorrow in Brisvegas before training back on Sunday morning to Flashman Inc. Afterall, have to be home in time for

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