Grind n Bind – Month 2

Posted: June 30, 2022 in Uncategorized

One month done and dusted and by all reports not dead yet . Had the follow up X-ray this week and can confirm screws and plate still internal as intended.

Monday then we head back to Maryhole for morning appointment with Surgeon on Tuesday. Hopefully plaster will be removed and then onto Moonboot phase. The plaster is restrictive but equally does give one some confidence moving around. Having navigated 4 weeks with no major issues though assume some incidental weight bearing now would not have me back in surgery anytime soon.

Two clouds on the horizon with plenty more expected . Apparently.

First up CLP has the dreaded lurgy and it’s a nasty one but NOT COVID. Everyday winter cold. Being a thoughtful patient I told her she could sleep in an extra 5 mins this morning before bringing me my breakfast in bed. Being thoughtful doesn’t cost anything eh 🕺🏻And now I am succumbing. Let’s get it all done and dusted now so after next Tuesday can dance in the street if so inclined. Second cloud has bought some friends though. “Unseasonal” rain event – not yet called bomb or apocalypse – starts on Friday and continues through to at least Tuesday which may impact driving plans. I am prepared

With the never failing accuracy of weather forecasts uppermost in our minds we decided to head up on the “best” day weather wise which was Sunday and spend an extra day in Maryhole. It was a good run up both on traffic and weather front and always good to get home and see everything still standing and powered on. Certainly chilly enough with forecasts of 8-15 next two days.

Monday did dawn rather wet and dreary so glad we came up early. We decided to venture out in the gloom for a counter meal at the Carriers and it hit the spot….as did the beer. While still a bit sniffly my taste buds have remained intact Thank Me

Interesting how CLPs house is just so much better set up for invalids. The stairs outside here are always a nightmare on crutches and especially when raining. Chairs and beds just seem lower here somehow . Bath is facing wrong way to hang leg out etc. I will be glad to be back at Flashman Inc come Tuesday arvo for a number of reasons but most involving a lack of cast. Maryhole Flashville though does have great internet so have downloaded enough giga goodness of shows to last next 3 weeks

So off we head to Hervey Bay under leaden skies to check on leaden foot. Spooky eh. I couldn’t say the Doc barred up because he always wears loose surgical gear even in rooms but he was very pleased. The wound is clean and swelling minimal. More importantly the X-rays showed gaps where there should be and none where they shouldn’t be along with the $2000 of metal still inserted. Just to remind folk what has been achieved

Plaster was removed and first insight to life with a fused ankle. It felt weird trust me. The ankle was free so to speak but felt like it was still in plaster. Like how a club foot feels I imagine. It looks like it can flex but no it can’t . Well not yet 🤔

So, as with most things moon related there are phases and in the first phase it is pretty much like having the plaster still on only not as secure😏 We need no weight bearing until the 6 week mark which is another 9 days on July 14th. Ergo still crutches and moonboot 24/7 although if sitting for extended period can remove boot for a break. At present looks like Houdini could struggle to get it undone quickly but sure we will learn .

The big red button inflates ,the small deflates. Apparently. After 2 hours sitting in the car I need to have it elevated a bit . Blood flowing to extremities brings strange sensations. As we all know….🕺🏻 For now though I want no sensations . No more need to see the surgeon but another X-ray at 12 weeks to check for rust and a final sign off by local GP. The boot stays on for another few weeks but come August should be home in Maryhole and looking after myself as will be able to drive then. Sorry , what was that loud screeching noise. Ah, CLP shouting Hallelujah 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

Another month then convalescing at home hopefully as not convinced yet about ease of driving etc . Time will tell but rest of July will be much of same with maybe some self bathing at last. Ah, now CLP is crying. Women eh 🤓

Let’s try that first bath , still assisted 🤓. Ok , moonboot off first as nothing slides over that. It’s a little unsettling being so exposed in more ways than one but I eased into the water like an old man into a nice warm bath. Which I am I guess . Anyhoo didn’t take long to notice something was missing , always a concern when in the buff. With no walking for 5 weeks my right calf had disappeared. On further inspection it appears to have dissolved into my ankle 😳 Could be a long 9 days .

Once again CLP has been a rock 🥰 A lot of driving in recent days in bad conditions is stressful on anyone. Then a couple of days out of home environment in Maryhole. Lost without my honeybuns. We are now back safe and sound in Flashman Inc and ready for a month of

Later dudes

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