Grind n Bind – The Recovery Begins

Posted: June 2, 2022 in Uncategorized

So, not a great night of course and that’s cool. Did get my cuppa though which was great . Almost rang Mum to see what time her’s arrives at Da Home 😏

There is a lot of noise in a hospital but just people doing their job. Regular OBS of course and pain relief although still not much pain yet. Offered the heavy duty stuff 2 hourly rather than Panadol Pissweak 4 hourly 🤔 Yeah will wait until I need the strong stuff when nerve block wears off. Then memories came flooding back from shoulder surgery 2 years ago. When on pain relief constipation and no alcohol are your enemy. Thank me for zero alcohol beer at least I guess. I could see me snatching a bedside pee bottle for first few weeks 🤓 It does lead to a numb bum though , not that I can get out of bed yet anyway. Glad for the cool weather as don’t see water, soap and standing anytime in my near future .

At OBS time at 2 am with zero sleep did ask for cuppa again and seemed to help because I reckon I got 10 mins sleep before 3 am when the clown next door started coughing and talking. That was sleep for the night basically

Word on the street is all I need to do this morning is see a Physio and crutch so naturally hope it’s a Sheila 🤓 . Still in surgical gown and blankets from yesterday as still have the blood stains on the blanket! Not sure why they tell you to bring in night clothes etc .Pretty poor interaction really . The food mind you is very good as are the regular OBS.

Now just the wait for Physio.…..I may have started to doze off. Someone walked into the room and all I heard was something like “little prick” and I thought – bloody surgical gowns ! Turns out it was dose of clexane . Ok fair enough. “ I will show you the first one and then you give yourself the dose by needle over the next 28 days ! “ Say what.

Next up was the drug boy and he had quite a collection including two boxes of Clexane needles. Some Panadol ,some anti inflammatory and of course some Oxy when it gets serious . It was quite a sight

Finally the Physio turned up to show me how to use crutches. Sadly the only pair in the whole hospital only went to 5 foot 10. Kinda useless. Anyway went upstairs to gym , climbed up 2 steps, climbed down 2 steps and then back to room. “ Any questions “? Why would I , you have been so thorough.

Finally then it was time to head off after one more IV antibiotic. As always seems to be the case with hospitals they don’t tell you anything unless you ask. “Do I have to keep my foot elevated at night anymore” “Well of course you do for the next month “ Important info really. “How about the compression bandage on left leg. ““ As long as you can bear it really “. Great so I can take it off now then 🕺🏻Luckily I had already bought my own crutches that went to 6 foot 2 and we left. Quick check in back at Maryhole and then on the road to Flashman Inc. With foot elevated . Here is one I prepared earlier

Not the best time of day to be driving but as usual no complaints from CLP. Time then to work out how to get out of the car then but managed , maybe because of all that help the Physio gave me 😏

Spent a little time getting house ready for cripple and already made one mistake and put weight on foot momentarily . Hope no damage done 🙏🏻 Always hard to tell as nerve block wearing off and so some pain will be normal. Nothing can do about it now except be more careful in future. Must mean it’s time to practice for the next 10 weeks

And no, there won’t be daily updates . You can relax….like me.

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