Grind n Bind – The Start

Posted: June 2, 2022 in Uncategorized

Wednesday dawned another booteeful day and it was time for one more game of golf or as Hoges and I call it – a free schooner 🕺🏻

With two games in 6 weeks I played surprisingly well with an 82 off the stick, 2 over handicap. Hoges played his part and basically the last 4 holes were just acknowledging the crowd as closed them out 5/3. Peas. Shelled. A few beers and home to wait for my beloved to arrive .

Sadly she wasn’t in the nurses uniform yet 😏 We ticked boxes and crossed i’s all in readiness. I had bought a new coffee machine so took that for a spin. A few tweaks still needed but will persevere

A last drink ,or two, for condemned man while waiting for hospital to call with surgery time. By 430 pm I gave up and rang myself . 0930 for a 10:15 start . “ I hope you don’t work for Qantas I added and hung up” . Knowing I needed a negative RAT test thought would try one. Just for the hell of it and all sweet .

A brisk few days around which means I get shoulder pain from about 3 am on but still slept ok all things considered . Also means about 4 pee stops through the night but who is counting. One last look to remind me why we are doing this

Woke up to no messages so all good at this stage , good being a relative term when fasting . Headed off early of course and arrived in plenty of time – for another RAT test. Then into pre admission and all happening quickly and then into Nurses room for a fitting . She was a perfect fit 🤓Suitably attired in the breezy gear we went to waiting room and Lo and behold called in almost immediately and only 10 am. Anaesthetic nurse was lovely lady but being Asian and wearing a face mask was hard to understand at times. Just hoped wasn’t signing up for another TURP. A needle here , a cuff there all good as lay on bed adjacent to OT.

For an hour. Oh well. Eventually the gas girl came out ,another lovely lady. Mentioned apart from GA also doing tow nerve blocks in legs. You will feel no pain ……for at least 24 hrs 😏 Then the Chief cutter arrived and looked at ankle . It almost seemed like first time had considered what he would do 🤔 He asked a few questions about how much did I want taken off with the lumps and bumps. “ Pal it has looked like a dogs breakfast for 30 years don’t care “ . Just make it as stable as possible and don’t shave anything of the length. And that was that , wheeled in and the rest is a blur.

Woke up in recovery – always a good sign- and soon wheeled back to my room. Looks FAD although maybe across from nurses station and those Sheilas can talk trust me

I am sure will settle down later . Got my priorities right and quickly ordered my next 3 meals and a doggy bag in case.

I had some sandwiches and a cuppa and have to say first impressions are very good . Then it was time for first look see . Probably better than a hard plaster ,maybe that joy awaits

And then it was time . Could not be avoided any longer. Nurse could I please have a pee bottle and make it a large opening . “Oh. Bragging are we ? “ Nope. I just have lousy aim………..🕺🏻

Dr Bali dropped in and have to say I like the cut of his jib. He dropped off a couple of X-rays and suggested I could hang around until lunchtime tomorrow but suggest I would rather get home and then onto Flashman Inc at Sunny Coast to start the process

Only one question remains then. It’s 430 pm…where is my dinner 👨🏻‍🦳

Duly arrived just after 5 pm and was tres impressive indeed even if they tried to slip an Apple Juice past me 😏 Filled up this little LBD .

Now will I get a cuppa before bed 🤔 You know ….. 630 pm

So, the room is very impressive especially the “entertainment “ hub. Watch TV, order meals , read the Bible …As always there are some issues with service . You ask for a second pillow to prop up ankle… never comes. Doubt will be changing into PJs anytime soon . First world problems of course and just glad it is all done now

Well that will do for one day . If nothing else over next 10 weeks. I have plenty of free time and a beck and call girl hanging on my every word .

As always CLP has been wonderful and would be lost without her 😘 She only needs 7 more merit points to move to next level and get closer to PLP

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