VtV – The Final Wrap

Posted: May 24, 2022 in Uncategorized

Yep, you thought I had gone but it was such an enjoyable at times and annoying at others last 24 hrs had to share. We bid farewell to Bendigo and family on such a glorious day and the town folk lined the platform to wish us well such had been the impact of our short stay. Warms the heart

Straightforward train trip except when the track bent had us walking the short 5 mins – as planned – for our one night digs thanks to Qantass changing our flights – a common theme it seems. The Grand is a misnomer although probably was back in its day ie 1860. Its a grand old building with the emphasis on old. You get what you pay for of course and were spoilt by Langhams

The reception area was odd to say the least but the room had all we needed including the train noise from nearby. Classic example of the service level

“Can we get a wakeup call for 5 am tomorrow please”

“Certainly Sir”

Later that night we noticed no phone in room! We didnt get our call naturally. Walking out at 5 am we noticed one phone in the hallway on our floor with note” Call 9 for front desk” . Another example – the fridge was not plugged in so even when you inserted the power card, 30 mins later the fridge stuff was still warm until you realised.

Anyhoo we had a couple of final hours in Melbourne so first up checked out a recommended coffee place – Higher Ground – which was certainly an impressive place. Coffee a tad on the warm only side – now only my second worst pet peeve. More to come

Then onto State of Grace with a rooftop bar for a final sherbert or two. It was a fancy looking place , especially the downstairs bar, but of course my now number one pet peeve – Scan and pay at table crap. Set up account as you have to and then had a couple of very good cocktails. Then thought with a tab what the hell I will get a pot of Stone & Wood for $8. Las bought out a large schooner and as placed it down said “think you only ordered a pot” ? “Yep and thats all I paid for” Oh well, my bad she says with a wink. Things were looking up

Then back home to The Not So Grand for whatever sleep we could get before our next morning started at 5 am for a 6 am car to airport for an 0830 flight. Heaps of time – Qantas Club here I come. This trip with Qantas had been problematic from start and once again there had been trouble checking in online but when we left Bendigo we had checked in and had boarding passes etc. Sweet. A couple of SMS during the day from Qantas to check in ! Clowns. Then one at 10 pm at night woke us up still asking whether we had checked in. Fuck me slowly. Upgrade accepted – ASSCLOWNS!

Get to airport and drop off bag and head to club. Lined up for 15 mins for a coffee and just sat down when get an SMS. Qantas – we have had to cancel your flight and are looking at alternatives . Yeah right. We decided to be proactive knowing there were no more Qantas flights SCHEDULED for Sunshine Coast that day. Went to service desk and after some haggling were offered a Jetstar flight leaving at 10:15 am. The lady seemed surprised we had dropped our bags off as “that Sunshine Coast flight was cancelled a long time ago!” We had to go downstairs and retrieve bags ourselves from “Oversize Bags” desk and then walk out of building and about a klm to Terminal 4 and Jetstar “How is the Qantas Club in Terminal 4” I ask. “It doesnt exist”: she replies with glee. Relying on how incompetent Qantas were we went back up to Qantas Club and checked back in with a boarding pass for a flight that no longer existed . Small victories… On way in got an SMS from Qantas saying we had been booked on a 2 pm Qantas flight to SC. FMS!

I was a tad fuming by now but luckily CLP spent the time on Jetstar site and got us exit row seats and a boarding pass! We then trekked to Jetstar and did another bag drop and got frisked again – twice in 2 hrs so the day wasnt a total loss πŸ™‚ Sat with the GU for the next 90 mins and then boarded our plane by step ladder.

The exit row seats were excellent and we even scored a $20 food package so had a very good toastie each. I only have one plan though to cope with low cost carriers.

We got home about 2.5 hrs later than hoped but all in all no complaints with Jetstar. I still had to drive home to Maryhole so those 2.5 hrs lost were a pain but it was a good trip home and house still here so all good for a quiet week now until surgery next Thursday . There was an easy way to see I was back home too – a look in the backyard

And now its definitely Goodnight from him.

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