VtV – Day 8

Posted: May 21, 2022 in Uncategorized

The government may have changed but the weather hasn’t . One of Albo’s first proclamations will be Victoria is now to be called The Sunshine State while Queensland will be known as …….Atlantis

A quiet day then planned at this stage but one must get out and about a bit in this glorious weather so a quick trip into Castlemaine this morning for a coffee and calisthenics. It’s a lovely Main Street that we have walked a few times but it has never looked better than today

Not many shops open but the one that counts was . Time to introduce brother to a new fave

Back home then for rest of day although am sure will duck out some time and roam the property . It’s too nice to stay indoors all day. First up though at lunch have to start working our way through some leftovers from all the delicious meals Lorraine has prepared and we were not able to do full justice . Sadly only empty bottles of wine lying around at this stage 😏

Thought we might have a Picnic at Well Hung rock instead

I carried the chairs up and found the flattest spot and it was lovely and quiet . Sweet.

Then I realised why. Moe, Larry and Curly haven’t shown yet . Ah, that sounds like them coming now

We then spent a lovely couple of hours up there under clear blue skies and not even a breeze

Eventually it was time to roll back down the hill for a coffee as someone forgot to bring the Nespresso machine up apparently – and lay some power lines . Not a bad thing of course because as we all know once coffee is done can only be about 90 mins to afternoon drinkies time. Wonder what is in store today . Hope it has a little sting…..


Some quiet time for brothers to reflect . Another convert to Honey Sting but we had to be wary as some Shiraz beckoned

Time for some sparking Shiraz then just to confuse the palate

One last glance before we moved indoors then. What a glorious vista at sunset at this time of year

Once indoors the sparkle went out of the Shiraz but not my eyes . Another lovely dinner and dessert accompanied by at Italian Shiraz finally concluded our eating and drinking journey at last 😏

Or so I thought…….

Tomorrow we bid farewell to family as we train back to Melbourne before early morning flight on Tuesday . It’s been an amazing week so will sign off now . When next we here from our hero it will be post Grind n Bind and a whole lot quieter . Stay tuned

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