VtV Day 7

Posted: May 20, 2022 in Uncategorized

Another glorious start to day . Gotta love some of Old Whiskers’ recent work with the brush and easel. Either way you look it’s a very pleasant outlook . One you actually have to get out of bed for 😏

Todays plan involves a trip to Heathcote to check out some wineries . Hard pressed ( winemaking humour) to beat the winery we are staying at in Harcourt North mind you. Tasting sizes are enormous and varied and the platters huge ! Oh, that was a share plate you say 🤠

Another belter of a day here while it rains in Maryhole 🤔 That Mother Nature is a funny bitch eh. Freddo says we will leave at 0915 for the 40 minute drive. Factor in years of experience – be ready by 0900 at latest 😏 As I always say though

First stop then was Sanguine Estate noted for its Shiraz. Kinda spooky because when people think of a sanguine person I am usually foremost in their mind. Did I mention it was a glorious day ?

Anyhoo the 4 Musketeers eagerly lined up for our first tasting of the day . All for one and more for me as they say

The staff were very friendly and well informed but for me the reds were a bit on the young side and while no doubt would improve with some cellaring I was a man in a hurry and passed on any purchases. Freddo of course did the family proud anyway

Then it was time to head more into Heathcote town and check the wares at M. Chapoutier on the main drag. Luckily Freddo knew of this place otherwise not sure why one would stop at an unassuming shopfront like this. Glad we did

Great selection of the foreign stuff and we were able to put together a mixed dozen to ship back home . Always great to sample some French and Italian wine not normally aware off. After sharing some photos on Facebook just for a change a friend suggested a short 10 minute detour to Tooborac where they have a quaint bluestone hotel that sold beer. Well, I have tried every other form of alcohol last 2 days why not 🤔

Great day to be sitting outside and watching the world pass by but of course eventually we had to head home to our lodgings for the night . Luckily the hosts have been known to leave food and drink out for any strays that may turn up.

Restful couple of hours before starting up the fire pit again under simply stunning skies . I could get use this .

It’s a we’ll own fact that fires make you thirsty so thought we would settle in with a martini and teurini . A rare combo but could take off

It was BBQ time tonight with some snags and lamb steaks and a couple of choice salads . Just need something to wash it down. Hey look over there

Another lovely day and night as we settled around the table chatting but then something strange happened. The lights dimmed as ominous music started. Oh no, this could only mean one thing that happens every year as winter approaches


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