VtV – Day 6

Posted: May 19, 2022 in Uncategorized

Up in country Victoria now where the weather is brisk and the sheep are nervous . A picture tells a thousand words but in this case only has 67. Shrinkage I assume even if not in the pool.

The sun is rather lazy around these parts and doesn’t get out of bed until about 7 am or just after breakfast time for me normally. I am slowly resetting the body clock just wish could reset some bones and joints . The cool weather does bring it with some arthritic pain but I will soldier on in true Anzac tradition. At the rising of the sun …..

I got out of bed. I see Flannos in immediate future .

An army can’t march on an empty stomach so after running around and waking everyone up accidentally it was breakfast time . Todays plan involved some shopping I believe back in Bendigo. I hope anything the ladies buy they can Return to Sender 🕺🏻

Drove to Bendigo and then went our separate ways based on gender and ability to shop for clothes > 5 mins. Bendigo is a very picturesque town especially in Autumn on a glorious day .

I did walk past one store that had an outfit that couldn’t resist especially as it came with its own woman in tow

Then it was time for an excellent lunch at El Gordo . Well known for its Gin range and classic Tapas et al. The Gin was nothing special mainly because a tad on the meagre side nip wise but the Bocadillos were delish. Bocadillos are like Pecadillos but tasty.

Then it was home for a quiet afternoon before the fun and games start up again late afternoon .

All good things come in threes and so we planned the drinkies accordingly . Afternoon drinkies were G&Ts by the firepit

Then it was time to move inside for the late afternoon drinkies of the grape variety and a delicious dinner of roast pork . A Viogner and a Burgundy Pinot Noir covered all bases and let the liver know we were serious

Then it was time for cheese and the sweet stuff. We did move back out to the firepit briefly and it was a beautiful starry night but rather chilly

And so another wonderful day with family comes to end and we look forward to more festivities tomorrow

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