VtV – Day 5

Posted: May 18, 2022 in Uncategorized

And so our short stay in Melbourne comes to end and time to actually find that V Line camp and catch one to Bendigo . It’s been a fantastic few days and even though will be back briefly on Monday for a layover before flight home we will be counting days until we can return. Ok, it’s 4 . Ya got me . Finally then one last breakfast at Bond’s Tore where I assume you can only wear underpants 🤔 Ah, it’s Bond Store, that makes more sense …..

Bid farewell to Langhams and it is a keeper especially in the corner deluxe river view King rooms. Very quiet and spacious . Cab to the station in plenty of time just to make sure our Myki cards are working !

Of course the Taxi took 25 mins to travel the 2 klms to station through Melbourne traffic. Train left on time and made sure I got a good seat

Settled into the Quiet carriage for a peaceful 2 hr trip. 40 mins in and noticed a missed phone call being a good lad and having had phone on silent. It was from the Surgeons Office – never a good sign. Stood in the corner like a dunce and phoned them only to find out I was being offered an early bird special for grind and bind. We can do it a week earlier next Thursday ! A quick Brains trust meeting confirmed this was not a good idea not getting home until next Wednesday especially as no discount offered 😏 Back to Roy and HG .

Arrived in Bendigo about 10 mins late and then we went to lunch in Bendigo at Harvest Food and Wine with Sis in Law Lorraine . Very tasty. Fair to say the city has gone Elvis mad with images and memorabilia everywhere . Viva Las Bendigo

Then it was time for our booked visit to the “ Direct from Graceland “ extravaganza. You would think it would be easy to find but really it was just luck on our part 🤓 At least it wasn’t in the ghetto part of town.

As with all things the Bendigo Art Gallery does it was an amazing exhibition and the recurring theme that strikes one is Elvis must have been a bit smaller in stature than you realise judging by the numerous actual clothing items on display.

It was an easy exhibit mostly to walk around with numbers limited for each 30 minute period. The Elvis fans must go a tad ga ga . But of course all good things come to an end and as the saying goes

Time then to head back to Windy Hill in Harcourt North to wait for the worker (hee hee) to arrive home at 530 pm. There could be drinking involved but of course I will be sensible as here 4 nights. Yeah right.

Some Champers of course to start the ball rolling then or at least the eyes. As always Freddo finds the good stuff we would never consider. He also drinks a little faster than Lorraine so was already onto the Chardy

Time for some food then I guess while Freddo rummages through the cellar for that next exquisite treat . I think it was called Starfish Surprise and I bet they were when they were thrown in the oven . Delicious .

We had some dessert so naturally the dessert wine came out and it wasn’t lonely and bought a friend 👍🏻

Then of course discussion turned to Rum and all the varieties you get these days and I mentioned rather smugly I enjoyed Zacapa Guatemalan Solero 23 but it was $100 a bottle . I will see you and raise you $100 says Freddo . Well hello Zacapa Centenario Xo. One bottle , two brothers – only 1 ending

As always a wonderful evening of chat, eating and drinking when we catch up with our southern friends and the good news is we are here another 3 days and the weather will be brisk ……3 – 15 and Sunny.

In QLD we would call that rum drinking weather .

Looks like a visit to Dan Murphy and an ATM tomorrow 😏

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