VtV – Day 4

Posted: May 17, 2022 in Uncategorized

Good things come in threes – except broken joints – so this morning it was time for Tradition #3 . Coffee and Breakfast at Seven Seeds in Carlton. In previous years have walked the walk and talked the moan but wiser heads will prevail this morning as we tram it up and back the main drag . Still some traversing hill and dale at either end but let’s see if it helps. Certainly plan to reduce protein intake today after the couple of cows inhaled in recent days .

Weather looks a little dicey as we head off or as we say in Melbourne – normal. Will be a cooling of temps when we hit Bendigo tomorrow – Darool Darool. The tram was easy to find and a short walk downhill had us at Seven Seeds. The coffee was very good but sadly not hot enough , a pet peeve of mine. Food was tasty and plentiful but we ordered too much 😏

It was time to Ponder then what to do next ? Hands up anyone who wants some more kulcha

So we walked across a couple of blocks and caught a different tram which not only went in opposite direction to first one – kinda obvious when u think about it – but also crossed the river without getting wet . Before you could say pick ur asso we were at the National Gallery of Victoria . As were 3000 school kiddies it seems. Using the cane to bat them away we made our way inside and then out the back where the Ponder exhibit was on

I don’t mind dipping my toe into Kulcha but think CLP went a bit far . We had been out for a while now so did get caught a bit short in the ablutions department. Let’s just say there is a new sculpture at the gallery that won’t be on display if you get my drift 🤠.

Must say the walking cane has helped a lot . In fact let’s dance

Another fun packed morning only left one question . What to do for our last afternoon ? Let’s spend first hour waiting on phone with Centrelink . Sweet, that just leaves another 5 .

‘‘Twas a relaxing afternoon which meant it must be time for a Beer from a foreign land of course . What are our options you may ask

Ok, that leaves Belgian then I guess . To Google Maps we go . 300 m ? Sweet

Guess we better have dinner now so let’s stroll along Southbank for something fishy . Wait a minute – is that the gin joint Yarra Botannica I see . Can’t hurt to have a couple of 4 Pillars Bloody Shiraz surely against this magnificent backdrop

It didn’t . Ok , now it’s dinner time. Pure South kitchen looked the part with some great fish dishes and a very tasty scallops entree. Throw in a couple of Pinot Grigio and the night fills itself in really

So once again a no real plan approach worked a treat with a couple more memorable moments to savour. It’s off to Bendigo tomorrow on a train for some freeloading with da family after we drop into Graceland to see The King. We will miss Melbourne but shall return no doubt

Flash has left the building 🕺🏻

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