VtV – Day 3

Posted: May 16, 2022 in Uncategorized

More tired than seedy as another day dawned. For once the sun certainly beat us up even in Melbourne. Speaking of being beaten up a couple of my constituents ( election speak) had signed a petition citing elder abuse and demanding an enquiry. Rather sneakily the left knee had now aligned with the right ankle in a United Party type nonsense campaign of whingeing. I told them they were lucky I wasn’t the size of Clive Palmer or else they would have something to moan about. Whip smart as they are they suggested I could be by end of this holiday judging by first day. When they are right they are right eh

Only planned events today are a few cocktails at Gimlet at 4 pm and a catch up with Number One son Tony later who is down for work at the major hospital in town. I suggest there could be a Bex and a lie down before that but first we need some caffeine this morning methinks.

It shouldn’t be this hard really. Our second tradition in Melbourne is our favourite Crepery – Le Petite Chateau in the Block Arcade. For the second day we went past they were not open at advertised time of 0830 so thought we would try Brother Baba Budan just for a coffee on Little Bourke Street. We did line up to be fair but then thought better of it as it was slow going and instead checked out some more murals and added them to last nights selection .

By now we were back in vicinity of Frenchie so thought one more try – and he was open. The crepe was great as always but the coffee was ordinary

It was a beautiful day indeed so happy to walk/hobble the streets a little and check some more murals and a little shopping. When at Frenchie did note a posh Pom place next door that amongst other things sold some swish walking canes with impressive knobs . Feeling a natural affinity with said walking canes and La posh lady said they were handcrafted in Italy and a steal at only $335. It wasn’t easy trust me but I literally ran from the store. And into the chemist next door where I got a collapsible walking cane for $25. It actually does help a bit and at least less odd looks when walking around like Kayser Soze for no apparent reason previously

After some relaxing hours it was time for The Gimp with the Limp to head to Gimlet at Cavendish House

It’s interesting to observe how people may treat you differently when your handicap is more apparent although to be fair CLP is usually by my side . Ouch . Ok we made it to Gimlet for our 3 mini cocktails and bar snack. They were delicious as were the Sydney rock oysters

As usual our general demeanour encourages folk to engage so Alphonse from the wrong side of the bar was chewing our ear off Van Gogh style when we mentioned we would have liked to have eaten dinner here but all full. “ Nah, we always have walk ins” “ I cleverly asked what a about walk outs that walk back in “ ? He was non plussed. Anyhoo called Lurch from the front desk over and asked if could make a dinner booking for 3 for 6:15 pm and rattled my cane. He said “ Of course Sir and thank you for your service.” First up though time to meet Tony for a drink at Rooftop bar at QT. It was a jumping

We then returned to Gimlet for dinner and went with the Tomahawk share plate as a challenge . We also went with full size cocktails just for a change . It was a great meal and also wonderful to catch up with Tony

And so another day chock full of highlights and memories comes to an end. One last full day in Melbourne before the serious eating and drinking starts .


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