VtV – Day 2

Posted: May 15, 2022 in Uncategorized

It’s a quiet room on a high floor so slept ok , sleep of course being a relative term these days. We have a special dinner tonight so will try and be a quiet day in the drinking and eating caper but 6 pm seems a long way away at present . Time to look for some coffee first up and so I hopped to it. Here is one I prepared earlier

We ended up walking a bit further than first planned as first option didn’t open until 8:30 am. Bloody Victorians 😏 Next option then was Brick Lane and as always with Google maps always head off in wrong direction initially 🕺🏻 . We did find it though down yet another laneway which wasn’t called Brick oddly enough. As it was now approaching 8 am we stayed for breakfast as well and not disappointed . In fact could not finish it all

Across the road there was a cat cafe and if wasn’t full certainly would have tried the Persian Porridge but like I said was fully sated and certainly didn’t need a furball as well.

Melbourne has always had a great street art scene but some more have been added now with Flash Forward laneway murals. We had a map and noted a few near us so when in Rome……try the Burmese Bruschetta.

Hopefully will see more over next few days . Now it was time to roll back down the hill and head home for a breather before some shopping at DFO given that must naturally stand for David Ferguson Outlet ?

Did I mention my ankle is fucked already 🚶

So a 30 min rest so the Osteophytes could line up again and off to DFO. CLP keeps an ear out ( pay attention) for any cultural events in our vicinity so maybe should have been alerted when she suggested we walk through the Convention Centre in case it rains. Well it is Melbourne. And I walked right into it. Well limped . There was a Van Gogh exhibit on at The Lume . There goes the next 60 mins of drinking time. To be fair it was rather brilliant and glad I talked her into it . Photos can’t do justice to the immersive spectacle but when has that ever stopped me. Cutting down the 40 I took was the tricky part especially as the great ones are usually easy to pick out – I am in them 😏

While the display was great standing for an hour wasn’t so I needed liquid sustenance and a nubile nurse . Ok a beer and a frisky fraulein would have to do so we headed to Munich Brauhaus

Then it was off to the the shops cleverly avoiding any large indoor structures along the way. I had minor success with a new pair of dress pants but that was about it folks. By now the ankle was gone and still had to make it back home a few klicks. And then it did rain……

Somehow made it home and time to chill for a few before our anniversary dinner tonight at Grossi Florentino. One morning of kulcha is enough for this LBD

Well, what a superb meal that was after a dodgy start. We arrived early so settled in at bar at the 3 level establishment . Sadly , Basil Fawlty in a dress was the bartender. Hopeless service and attitude. Then we went upstairs into a whole new world. The level of service and attention to detail was simply exemplary. We had looked at Gran Tour degustation on line and not impressed but the menu presented tonight intrigued so we hooked in and added the paired wines. Our first degustation many many years ago was here and it bought back wonderful memories. The food was varied , plentiful and delicious and they didn’t skimp on the wine servings. A perfect meal takes time but you don’t notice and neither did we after 4 hrs! Some great fun people watching – we had The Kardashians behind us, Jared Kushner and family next to us , a group of money launderers adjacent and Red Dress in the corner. Which just leaves the photos

Tomorrow mornings plans are currently on hold …..

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