VtV – Day 1

Posted: May 14, 2022 in Uncategorized

We did get to Brisvegas yesterday for a quick drive and drink soirée to celebrate Claude’s birthday with Della clan. The weather was lousy but luckily no accidents and we made it home ok . I was very sensible drinking wise of course with a big week ahead. Yeah right….

Sunday has dawned a little clearer but won’t need sunglasses anytime soon. We have arranged for a “local” drive service to take us to airport at 9 am as fares back and forth equate to a weeks parking anyway and much more relaxed. The obvious first flaw in the Maroochydore plan is a distinct lack of Qantas Club so some mixing with GU must be endured

By 9 am the sun was a blazing and we headed off in our Beemer. A bit early for check in but all good and by 10 am was sitting in a GU gathering area looking at our $37 for two small coffees and two sandwiches ! And by two sandwiches I mean two slices of bread stuck together and cut in two 😏 Methinks it’s Brisbane airport all the way from here .

Plane left on time 👍🏻 Exit row seats are very good value . Even though flying at lunch time all we got was a muesli bar and a cup of tea ! We arrived on time and then lickety split to The Langham. Had done the old “ special occasion” ruse and had been promised something special in our room on arrival for our 20th anniversary….

Wow. Luckily we were full from the muesli bar …. It’s a lovely room of course with great views

Then it was time for Tradition #1 and of course we knew where the nearest Irish Pub was. Being Sunday arvo there was some live music as well

Our only real plan for today was to visit the Icebar at 6 pm so had some time to fill in and did a quick reconnoiter of Fed Square and then wandered down a lane as you do in Melbourne and MoVda looked quite so why not even if only 5 pm. Excellent Tapas as always and some red stuff to cleanse the tonsils

Wandered back to Icebar in Fed Square for something a bit different and it was good fun. Had a cocktail and a game of air hockey while generally loitering for 30 mins. Glad we did it as was unique but not sure it’s a life changer . Amused at the dolly birds rocking up in shorts .

Then we wandered back out to Fed Square as it was finally dark and caught the Constellations light show . Very impressive

Then it was time to saunter back to our lodgings along the always impressive Southbank with the impressive Melbourne skyline. The weather was great and we had already done so much in our first day and if nothing else something was already very apparent

Now I remember why I am getting this ankle fused 😰

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