V Line to Victoria – The Prelude

Posted: May 13, 2022 in Uncategorized

With Armageddon approaching I headed off to Flashman Inc at Nosunshine Coast a couple of days early as didn’t want to miss a thing before making a V line to Victoria on Sunday

Ok so technically you only catch a V Line once in Victoria but where is the fun in that . We had decided to fly out of Maroochydore rather than Brisvegas. It then made sense to fly back into Maroochydore duh. Simple you would think but of course Qantas in 2022 is a nightmare so after they changed our flights weeks ago still have not got a correct eticket to reflect that but have been assured all is good. We should know about 1135 on Sunday and take an altitude reading and hope it’s closer to 30,000 feet rather than 0 feet or my attitude reading could be off the charts !

Sitting here on Friday at Maplehead it is presently hosing it down as predicted . Yeah I was shocked too. We are hoping to drive to Brisvegas and back tomorrow to see my Mum and also help celebrate Claude’s 92 nd birthday at Burbank, but not the one in California . That is the plan but if this rainbomb hangs around past today as is now looking likely then we may be cocooned here for another day as roads may become flooded etc. It would be ironic , bordering on a tad annoying , to be flying out of Maroochydore on Sunday only to be stuck in Brisvegas.

So provided we get off the ground on Sunday we will spend 4 nights in Melbourne at our go to hotel there The Langham before catching a …… wait for it …..V Line train to Bendigo to freeload at Harcourt North with family for another 4 nights . Because Qantas changed our late afternoon flight to an early morning flight on the Tuesday we V Line it back to Melbourne on the Monday afternoon to spend a night at The Grand hotel before early flight next day . There could be eating and drinking involved but too early to confirm that yet …. hopefully Number 1 son may also be in Melbourne at the same time . CLP and I will actually be celebrating 20 years together of which we actually spent about 7 months together under the same roof but when I see that hopeful look in her eyes I just may give her an upgrade from C to P ie Current to Probable. No promises .

So now we wait to see what Old Whiskers has in store for us over the next 24 hrs . The only certainty in immediate future is a date for a Grind and Bind on June 2 nd. Better get some walking in next few weeks because after that it will be lay down Sally for several.

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