HHH – Day 18

Posted: November 8, 2022 in Uncategorized

It’s a nice quite room apart from the odd door closing at night that happens in every hotel. Not a great nights sleep but that will improve. Plan was to get up early as usual and try and catch the blood eclipse but the moon was in wrong position to see early morning. Great last night

It’s great having a corner room as get two different views at different times of day . As predicted it started out a glorious morning

Research indicated a nearby Coffee shop – Blue Bottle – that opened at 630 am and served Cortado. Research didn’t extend to prices 😏 $7 😳

Then it was time to head into Central Park and try and avoid all the fit people running or the dog walkers. Fall foilage is a bit different and just hanging on it seems . Great to see Trump rink finally renamed

If it wasn’t NYC you may not give it a second thought but this image just looks ominous to me

There are many iconic spots in Central Park but personally love the bridges. Despite the crowds was able to get some clear shots. It’s an art what can I say

Of course when you start so early then you can get heaps done by ……830 am 😏 It was a long walk home but as always best to keep going because when you stop the pain really kicks in . At least there was the occasional fun sticker along the way – look under the. “O”

Back in room now for some more research . Such a glorious day you don’t want to waste it but being midterm elections I may stay near by. Weather is supposed to be good next couple of days so maybe smarter to rest a bit more today because seriously the ankle is deteriorating every day 😢

Resting lasted about 30 mins and time to check out Hudson Yards and the subway. All trips on subway were nice and easy and not crowded 👍🏻 Hudson Yards is rather stunning . The actual structure was closed for ascending but could still get some great photos. The mo way shot is shooting uptrend middle . It’s an impressive area so glad made effort of two trains each way

Back home for some lunch. It’s quite breezy outside if exposed like down at Hudson Yards. May head into Rockefeller this arvo to check out the ice rink and surrounds. The Beacon is very well serviced by the subway but you always find things lacking in any hotel. With this one the TV options are very limited with no Netflix et al or on demand. You watch what’s on at the time or you miss it. Of course it’s mostly election today

Headed down to The Rock and had a hobble around . The rink was doing good business as was American Flag sellers

Thought would head towards Times Square to catch Metro home and came across Bryant Park which had season markets up and a skating rink. More importantly it had a bar . #drinkthenrink

Still searching for that elusive Metro 42nd/Times Square station when stumbled across Margaritaville . Well, couldn’t hurt

With brain sharpened now I found the Metro. 72 nd Street is a great station as even Express trains stop there . There is a wine and spirit place next to Hotel so dropped in and saw some Wild Turkey so asked the question and yes they had American Honey . Well couldn’t say no now especially at $25 USD. Wish I had found it in Philly and some may be wasted but still good value with 6 nights to go 🕺🏻Dang I could knock off half of it tonight with election 24/7 coverage

So, another enjoyable day that turned out well just by getting out there. Found 2 good traditional bars yesterday and 2 good fun bars today . Tomorrows loose plan is head down to Battery Park area in morning and Greenwich Village in afternoon. Sadly an old fave Slaughtered Lamb is closed permanently

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