HHH – Day 17

Posted: November 7, 2022 in Uncategorized

And on the day where I am sitting around a few hours in morning waiting for train we gain an extra hour of daylight 😏 Looks like some cooler weather on way at least for next few days so fingers crossed. Of course the real cold spell starts next Monday – when I fly out ! The week in NYC could be difficult to fill in with limited mobility and a few previous trips. Doubt the subway will be any better than the previous two cities. In an odd way I miss the crowded streets of Las Vegas – just full of tourists ! Have a Cafe picked out just up the road which opens at 730 am so if nothing else at least allows me to check I am working on the right time zone 😀

It was a Cortado but a bit bitter so guessing from paper cup and hippie serving me it was organic. But perfectly drinkable . Looking forward to some Aussie Coffee culture in NYC which is quite well known with Flat Whites regularly available. Will be interesting . Halloween decorations are still up everywhere but at least some have a message .

Chicago was dominated by Halloween, Philadelphia by near misses for their sporting teams and now NYC will be the mid terms tomorrow I guess. Back in 2016 I watched a lot of CNN and Fox for contrast and so have watched a little bit here and both still biased. Fox take the cake and seriously watching The Five for Five mins last night would turn a tourist off visiting NYC. Everything is politically motivated of course but we have grown adults who have lived in USA/NYC all their lives saying they are scared to catch the subway just to elevate crime to major concern rather than democracy , abortion etc. Will be staying close by hotel tomorrow methinks regardless. Mind you , have woken up every morning to news of multiple shootings overnight in Philly outer suburbs . There are some rough areas everywhere.

On a quiet day time for some reflection. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but suspect my early thoughts to cancel the holiday at the 12 week post op mark when no real improvement seen would have been wise. Would have lost a deal of money but not all and would have saved a lot spent on Ubers, taxis , taxes, tips…… Don’t get me wrong there have been some great highlights especially seeing new places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Some great quirk noted along the way too and have the pictures to prove it. The Chicago buildings, the Philly murals … all stunning and all worth seeing but have not got full value out of the trip really simply because can’t be out and about all day or just walk aimlessly around. The weather , though glorious at times , has been disappointing temperature wise. Apart from the pain 24/7 I do wonder if any further damage has been done and don’t see a future without ankle issues. Mind you , if you can’t walk on it 5 months after surgery what was the point ? I also think that dreaded last day of long expensive taxi to airport , 6 hr economy flight with AA and then 13 hrs economy with Qantas is weighing heavily on mind. And that is assuming no delays or cancellations of course ! Anyhoo that rant has filled in 5 mins, now only 3 hrs until train leaves . And of course trying to get bags down stairs ….

Left way too early but got bags down and a good priced Uber so no sweat. Found myself a Red Cap – great service – and then settled down for the 90 min wait at least with only one bag 😂 Against better judgement tried Pretty Mangey as saw Flat White on menu. It was flat and it was white but think it lacked one ingredient – coffee! Swill

Comfortable seat on train by myself with a nice view. Left on time and a hooting along until we hit Edison , 45 mins south of NYC, with an “electrical” problem. Ironic.

Arrived 45 mins late but no sweat just very crowded and took a while to find the taxi rank. What a ride . It was so slow and chaotic driving andreally wanted to be anywhere else but NYC. Then we hit upper West Side and suddenly in the shade and calmer. And only $25 for the fare 👍🏻 The Hotel Beacon has a beautiful facade but being NYC we had scaffolding everywhere. Now the crunch time – check in. Well sauce my sausage, the exact same corner room 2212. Knobber Knobber

Things were looking up as long as I didn’t look down at ankle 😏 Ouch, been a busy day with a lot of standing and walking. One last job – some supplies from across road . It was also nightmare but when $70 buys you a week of breakfast and dinners with a few treats then that leaves more money for drinks. And lunch. Yes I don’t take advantage of the great eateries around but is harder as a solo. If I had big meals along with the drinking then would pork up indeed. As said previously the weather will get cooler coming up but who do you believe – regardless, tomorrow looks a ball tearer. Better do some planning.

But first let’s Google Bars 🕺🏻

It was still only just 4 pm so headed first to Central Park as close by and dropped into Strawberry Fields . It’s a different time of year certainly and yesterday was NYC marathon but the city does seem crowded.

Then went to the Dakota Bar which looks a keeper . Not part of actual Dakota but rather classy

Then headed in general direction of home . Although not yet 5 pm already getting dark so dove into the nearest bar for safety. Luckily it was the Dive Bar. Had another beer and honestly thought he had poured me a water so drank that and then realised it was someone’s “ Something and Soda” . Paid for it and thought time to head home. Quite fuzzy in head but only two beers so really think lack of food contributing. I know it’s hard writing this …

So a full day in the end and some planning now needed. Having two great bars nearby and a great room is certainly a promising start to the week in NYC 👍🏻 Now for that elusive Coffee shop …

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