HHH – Day 16

Posted: November 6, 2022 in Uncategorized

And so we come to the last full day and not a lot planned . Will head into La Colombe first up for my morning Cortado . It’s a great area to wander around but not sure there is a lot more to see around there. Looks like another warm day but maybe a bit cloudy. You have to get your head around the fact that here southerly winds of course brings warmth. There won’t be any victory parades planned for the Phillies sadly as they were finished off last night in Houston. Need to keep my wits about me later today as it’s time to switch clocks back and need the time to be right for train trip tomorrow. Looking forward to getting back to a hotel actually in NYC and of course some cooler weather . Let’s see how today pans out shall we and if the usual casual approach pays off

Shorts were the right call, just had to make sure I protected my nuts 😏

Got to coffee shop a little early which worked out well as quite a crowd around at 8am opening time and I needed a seat . Never tire of the view of City Hall from various angles

A few more murals in relative close proximity probably worth a look . Lots of police presence around for the Veterans March a bit later. Probably best to have sorted transport home by then . Murals tend to be next to car parks which does detract a tad

And once again it is clear that women are cherished here in Philly

It was starting to cloud over so very pleasant for Hobblin although do think just about done in . I see sitting at a bar for the afternoon in my near future . In the meantime some more images to enthrall y’all. Got this yank lingo down pat eh

That’s me done for the morning then . A bus home and pick up a salad for lunch and rest for a couple of hours. Maybe I should pack before imbibing ? Actually don’t leave rental until after 10 am in morning so plenty of time then. Now, to plan the hit and run hobble mission this afternoon. There are 3 distinct areas within walking so need to pick and stick with one . It’s a Sunday arvo of course so probably crowds of bloody tourists .

Hobbled off on a cloudy afternoon. Discovered an interesting cemetery nearby and considered making a booking but will soldier on for now

General plan was a rectangular route heading off to South Street first . Some dive bars around and plenty of divers walking the street actually. It’s an interesting area I would not visit after 5 pm

Milk Boy seemed like a safe option as it had plenty of street access for a quick get away. There was of course NFL on the TV so no one annoyed me

Then it was time to head back to Twisted Tail where it all began on Tuesday . Not quite the same relaxed vibe with Sunday arvo crowds a jumping but the beer was still good and the music loud 😏

So, that pretty well calls the curtain on Philly even though only mid afternoon . No need to go silly yet with a week in NYC to come . Mind you I couldn’t fit the Wobbly Boot on this bloody ankle now anyway . It is sore and swollen and basically stuffed. After being calm for a few days I am really pissed off again now . So limiting and impactful on life

Wish I had planned an earlier train tomorrow (1130 am) because it will be a boring morning waiting around 😏 Mind you probably take 30 mins to get bag down these stairs 😢

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