HHH – Day 15

Posted: November 5, 2022 in Uncategorized

Yesterday worked out so well may just fly by seat of pants again today . The search for a good Cortado continues this morning but being the weekend not many cafes open before 8 am 😢 So , a bit after 730 am will head in towards Rittenhouse Square for a leisurely stroll which passes by Jiggy Coffee so that’s the next one in line. A little foggy this morning and ending up quite a warm day so again dressing for the morning is a bit tricky

As soon as had walked 100 m knew the jacket was a mistake and jeans a 50/50 call. Wasn’t climbing back up those steps though. Beautiful morning and fog quickly cleared so I got Jiggy with it. A glass was a promising start

Pleasant enough walk to Rittenhouse Square and passed some points of interest . Not a lot happens in Rittenhouse Square I imagine but dogs do love to poop there it seems .

Now the next question is do I roam generally towards the river and hope to see the famous Phillies mural or catch a bus. The walk won out and glad it did as murals pop up everywhere.

By now of course I was close to the Schuylkill River and on this beautiful morning time to skulk a bit eh . It had been a fair effort to walk from Pine Street to here, check it out yourself folks.

Close to 30th Street Station so thought time for a subway back to City Hall area. As always stopping is the worse thing of all as nice as it may be to sit down. I have been lucky so far not to succumb to any illness especially as always grabbing handrails to walk up and stairs at subways . One thing common to all 3 cities so far is when escalators are involved at any one time 30% will be out of action and guaranteed 98% of those will be the ones going up !

Time to check out Reading Terminal Market for no real reason except it is close by. Yep walked up and down a few lanes and then time to head home for a break . But first another Cortado as close by also honest.

Time then to head home with another subway and a short walk. Got on crowded subway at 15th Street and sat while doors opened and closed 5 times over a 10 min period. Seemed to be a lot of yelling somewhere. Got one stop to 13th Street and same thing . Eventually they told us all to evacuate train. So, back up on street and could actually look across to the 15th Street station I left 20 mins ago. If I catch another train here shoot me. Ok , a 25 min walk so let’s just do it . Again come across all manner of things

Of course being the morning it had evolved into it was closed. Still some more great murals around until eventually gave in and found a direct bus route nearby to drop me within 100 m of home 👨🏻‍🦯

Another productive morning with no great planning but almost done with Philly. Have had fun but pretty well done with the stairs and the distances to walk. If had planned a bit better and had a couple of beers in the fridge that could be it for the day but will head out to nearest watering hole later. Have to be here later in case Joe and Barack drop in

They didn’t . After watching the 24/7 election coverage though for 24 mins I needed a drink. Let’s put that last wash on though while rested so tomorrow is more relaxing . It’s a two step process after all. Start the wash, amuse 40 mins, then flick over to dryer and head out. Tomorrow may be spent chasing down some more murals thought would check out a couple close by while dropping into some pubs. Let’s start with the dive bar – Dirty Franks. Beer was cold ✅

Then I headed across 15 th street , catching a few murals on the way and ended up at Miss Conduct Tavern. I suspect I was plum centre in Gaybourhood. At least didn’t have to buy any drinks as they thought the cane was a toy for later 🤷🏻‍♂️

And as I said to Bud Heavy the Bartender I can tease no longer. Here are some stunning murals if I say so myself

So, tomorrow looms as a largely free day . There are more murals to see , just not sure I need to see anymore 🤔 I suspect there could be a happy hour at Twisted Tail around 4 pm and certainly will see the shorts appear . I imagine the morning will involve a long walk in some direction . Of course , I may also spend some time investigating my new business venture for Philadelphia

Phlash’s Leaf Blower Sales and Repairs

“ We may Suck but we certainly Blow “

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