HHH – Day 14

Posted: November 4, 2022 in Uncategorized

Fog again this morning before clearing to a warm weekend. While disappointing – seriously the overnight temps are same as Maryhole at present! – it does also make it difficult to clothe oneself for a morning out which starts cool but quickly warms up. As if not bad enough with the weather we have the political machine hitting Philly this weekend with Joe and Barack in Philly and Buffoon Bob in Pittsburg. Not sure what it will mean for getting around but doubt it will be good news . At least Phillies lost last night and now gone to Houston.

So my research showed Rally Coffee 7 mins away opened at 730 am and served Cortado. Today was officially declared Travelling Tourist Day by Sleepy Joe so was going to head out in fog and tick off all the tourist traps . Arrived at 731 am and maybe the paper cup should have alerted . I suggest it was organic and even that can ruin a Cortado 😢 Back to drawing board.

First bus stopped just outside. Apparently on opposite side of street as I discovered when first bus went straight past on a one way street. It was two buses to Rocky Steps , as touristy as it gets. The fog may have been disappointing but have been here before and have beautiful photos and the fog adds some mystery . Is it really Rocky or Nancy Pelosi 🤔 I made it to the top but didn’t jump up and down. Like a tourist 🤦🏻‍♂️

As only have 6 “free Septa trips “ left thought I would take a leisurely stroll of about 30 mins up to Love Park. Ok ya got me, up to Le Colombe Coffee Roasters. At my best when thinking . This is me thinking

A bit more quirk along the way , another advantage of walking where possible. Of course it turned 30 mins into 50 mins but checked diary and it was free rest of the day …… and week 😢

As approached City Hall noticed that a skating rink had gone up since yesterday ! What they can achieve in the fog eh. So this was a rink sponsored by Orthopaedic Surgeons with wine freely available nearby . Smart planning indeed.

I could see my Coffee Oasis just down the street but for some reason would have to cross over the street to avoid a gathering of women apparently kneeling and praying on the sidewalk. What could it be ?


I was feeling quite good and the weather was remaining cool enough so decided to head to next tourist destination – Old City . An alley here a flag house there and my tourist bingo card almost filled in. As luck would have it , it was garbage day just to enhance the ambience 👍🏻

This really just left a Philly Cheesesteak to go. Wasn’t bothered researching best “ Philly Cheesesteak” but rather “ Nearest Cheesesteak” and Campos was the winner. Nothing special but lined the stomach for some possible tomfoolery later so all good .

Actually turned into a very pleasant and enjoyable morning out and decided to hobble the 20 mins home. The sun was starting to peek through by now so could be an afternoon for T shirts and almost shorts ? Maybe leave the shorts for an even warmer weekend . Meanwhile some more quirk

Sometimes of course the worst thing you can do is stop. The ankle swells, the knee locks and then you have to go back down the stairs. I would be tempted to do another wash on Sunday before NYC but not sure can face those last set of stairs.

Plan this afternoon then is to hobble down to Italian Market . 15-20 mins and from memory there were also some murals around.

There may still be but I only found one really . The Cortado at Anthony’s was cod ordinary and the sham was on when delivered in full size paper cup. Italians and coffee eh. To be fair the girl making coffee was less Italian than me and about 18 .

The Italian market was a bit of bust as too many Italians around for me so headed back to South Street for your more typical American crackhead. I tell ya so many people walk the street talking to themselves it’s confusing . I found one mural, a closed bar and a Guinness #The Loaf .

So, once again a very enjoyable day. It does seem a waste to be done for day by 330pm but achieved a lot and not as if down to last days. Much like at home I love the mornings and the afternoon drags like a limp leg. Spooky. If I had some American Honey Sting I could soldier on through until 8 pm I reckon🕺🏻

Time for some more research for final two days , being a weekend with important visitors. I may do a mural search but will depend on the transport needed as already had my fill of the underground folk on subways.

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