HHH – Day 20

Posted: November 10, 2022 in Uncategorized

Good nights sleep which I attribute of course to my American Honey . No, not Chelsea but the Wild Turkey bourbon 🤦🏻‍♂️ Should be another pleasant day before we get some nasty weather tomorrow afternoon , or as we call it here – Washing Day. So , apart from anything else today I need to get me some quarters. First up though, a new coffee place perchance – Solid State. It was ok but do find some Cortado can tend to be bitter . No I’m not

Time then to see if buses actually do do the stop and pick up caper as head north to look for The Arconia from Only Murders. Research indicated it was The Belnord on 87th street , easy peasy how could you miss a big building with those arches . Rather simple really

Walked around the block. No arches. More research “ a building that takes up whole block” Hey that building behind me also has a big B on it let’s backtrack to 86th street . Aha, that’s betterer

The gate was unlocked and suspected private residence but no harm in asking doorman especially with my kiwi accent.” Hey Bro got sum fush and chups here to eat, can I sit in courtyard” No.

Let’s head to Riverside before these chips get cold. Always a special place and nice and quiet this time of day . Veterans Day tomorrow

The 1 train was close by so let’s head to Chelsea Market on this glorious day and Pack my Meat . Hey it was 9 O’Clock, one actual cafe was open. It was ok but suggest that the extra “ado” probably helps.

The High Line was close by so why not. It was high, so there would be an elevator certainly. Ah no

Such a beautiful day thought may as well check out Washington Square Park . The ankle is bad but as we know it will get worse when I stop. That next Metro only looks about 5 mins away. Might find something interesting along that way . At last , but comes with warning 👍🏻

Google maps is always confusing to me but damn that Metro is taking a long time. Ah, my last google search was for Washington Square so that is where I am hobbling too 🤦🏻‍♂️ By now I am sweating and walking at 0.01 mph so shed the jumper and struggled on. Meanwhile 90% of locals still have gloves and beanie on. FMS, it ain’t cold clowns . I didnt meet Sally but it’s a great location. Plenty of police on the streets everywhere too

Ok now it was time to head home and while the police presence makes one feel safe I was still scared shitless of what was ahead at home. Taking that right shoe off 😢 The longer you stay out the harder it is to stand when you stop . If u know what I mean. I bought a tape measure . Figure when the right ankle drops from 12 inches circumference to 8 inches I can head back out. It’s taking longer

Conan O’Brien is at Beacon Theatre tonight. Checked out tickets 6 weeks ago and even then cheapest seats left in nosebleed were $350 USD😳 Now sold out

The magic, and apparently average, 6 inches measured I headed out down to Times Square just to check it out and my second fave NYC – The Australian . Yep, permanently closed too 😢 I took the safe bet of an Irish Pub but not much ambience in Times Square.

Gotta say , really looking forward to Beacon Bar opening at 4 pm. Will just be me and my Friends . Some planning for last 3 days then required with some possible bad weather. Think it might be time to actually eat out a couple of times even if just a pub lunch.

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