HHH – Day 21

Posted: November 10, 2022 in Uncategorized

Friday is washing day . Is everyone happy. You bet your life we are. Not

I may give no quarter but will certainly take some as seems I need about 25 of them ( a quarter of 100 … spooky) to do one wash/dry cycle. Plan then is to put on wash cycle nice and early and come back for breakfast then head down and pull the old switcheroo to the dryer and head out to giggle at the heim.

Ah plans. Slept ok but nothing special . Anyhoo down to laundry at 5:45 , load machine , leaves bags on top of next one, go get my detergent , load it, pay money hit start and head back up to room for breakfast. All good . Head back down at 645 am and see cycle finished . Good . Open door. No clothes. Life flashed before eyes . What has happened. A quick glance at machine next door saw it full of my clothes. Had someone switched them over ? Nope , still dry . I had loaded and started wrong machine 🤦🏻‍♂️ Hey , at least I admit it eh. So , new plan , load and start the correct machine ( after going down to front desk for more quarters after wasting 4$ worth !). Ok , May as well go get a coffee now and wait for switcheroo. Off to Blue Bottle, sat down and thought something doesn’t feel right. Oh yeah, where is my fucking cane 🤔 Hope it is in the laundry . Hey, at least the weather is crap. Little excursion suggest won’t need a jumper this morning so there is that. Rain still expected from midday on

Ok , limp down to laundry to switch over and yep there it is . Whew

Pulled the old switcheroo and headed out towards Upper East Side. Walked through Central Park first up looking for a special bench which was going to be all luck at this stage , but was due some luck. It’s Twue , It’s Twue . My fave comedic actress.

Then carried onto Metropolitan Museum as weather had cleared nicely . As happens a lot in NYC the Guggy was getting a facelift and then headed on up above that to Bluestone Lane in the most magnificent setting of an old church – also getting a facelift 😏 The service was woeful but FW ok.

Considered going on up to Monks restaurant or Yankee Stadium but really needed a break and so caught the “ Select 86 Crosstown” through CP and back to Broadway. Thought I knew all the tricks of public transport but nope. With select you swipe card at bus stop and get a receipt to show driver. Anyway, got home and got washing and still only 10 O Clock. Has clouded over here again but still pleasant and so glad didn’t wear jumper out for morning walk. Just relaxing in room a bit and waiting for room service when I will clear out somewhere I guess 🤔 Running out of things to see and do to be honest today with Veterans Day closing down midtown and not much else to see on UWS.

The service ladies were hovering so thought would duck out while just cloudy and head down to Macy’s to see if window display was up yet. It wasn’t . And then it started raining. The MSG area is a mess too with construction and the veterans parade not far away. Not a knockout trip but did finish the souvenir shopping and the room was done when got back

The buses were good this morning as were the Subways just now but the underbelly of NYC never far away whether it be beggars walking up and carriages or people sleeping on the train at 11 am

Sad to see the rain now with Veterans Parade about to start . Be nice if it held off for a few hours for the March but after that let it piddle down. Of course as we get closer to the Armageddon the forecast decreases. Now mostly drizzle through rest of day and maybe heavier rain overnight. Wouldn’t mind seeing some heavy rain later as pretty well done for the day and Club 2212 is undercover . The only issue really is the TV options are so pathetic even if you find a movie to watch it is full of the most annoying ads you will ever see every 10 mins 😡

And it’s Goodnight from him

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