HHH – Day 22

Posted: November 12, 2022 in Uncategorized

Dreary start to day has me struggling a bit to come up with ideas for things to do. Weather should clear by afternoon and cool and cloudy then but with dank skies and humidity at present not a lot springs to mind that doesn’t involve a long subway ride, hop off take a photo, and hop back on . A good day to do some washing….

After a light breakfast I intrepidly set off to see some sailors and then have a sit down late breakfast somewhere. The buses should be good at this time of day even on a Saturday and two less sets of stairs to negotiate. Fairly ignorant bunch of travellers mind you. They always sit in the “handicap” zone and always leave via front door rather than back door as announcements continually say.

A short walk to the water then where you would expect to see most ships and wasn’t disappointed. They had started a breeding programme with a little baby one tied up along side

Plans then were to head into 5 th avenue and have a squizz and then find the always reliable Little Collins for coffee and feed. The tree was ready to go up at Rockefeller.

Got out my Google maps and there are two LCs let’s go with closest one, still a 20 min walk. So finally arrive and it’s closed. To be fair I didn’t check opening hours just assumed. Checked the other one and it was open and only another 6 mins. Well , open is a relative term. Maybe they should open both cafes if this busy 😏 Pass

There was a nice looking cafe around the corner and did glance “Cortado” on menu and a spare seat, the latter being more important at this stage. Did order a breakfast “sandwich” and it was great

The weather was very changeable but of course much warmer than predicted so got caught out again with a jacket on 😡 Mind you did catch a quick glimpse of myself in the window and maybe some more exercise needed 🤔

Anyway , the reality is I am done with NYC. Its a great city of course especially in winter but this week it has been warm ,congested ,old and dirty really. So much roadwork, construction, scaffolding etc . It simply doesn’t suit me anymore as a solo traveller with significant mobility issues . The subway has been pretty good really but you still have to deal with crowds and stairs. Have been lucky , or smart, to not have caught a lurgy yet so there is that . I haven’t eaten out enough but again local areas don’t really suit. It’s either designed for takeaway or if you are lucky enough to grab a seat it’s crowded and then they put a 2000 cal meal in front of you . I will sign off from blogging for now as you really have been spoilt with 21 days in a row of gems . There will be more eating and drinking but who wants to read about that …….

Paid for exit row seat for 14 hr long haul Monday night so that should make it a bit more doable. At this stage just want to get home .

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