HHH – The Final Wrap and Flashies

Posted: November 13, 2022 in Uncategorized

I was hobbling before Halloween and will be Hobblin long after I fly over the Hudson. This, sadly, is the major takeaway from this holiday. Despite assurances from so called experts the ankle was not ready and is in fact worse than any previous holiday prior to surgery 😡 It has clouded an otherwise enjoyable holiday although some cities better than others. NYC was included because of a significant credit still in play but that won’t happen again. For a couple of trips now have tried to recreate the magic of NYC and Philly in Feb 2015 and it just has not happened for two main reasons this time at least – the weather was too warm and the cities are not the same as they were 7 years ago. It’s not that there haven’t been some highlights the last two weeks – Atlantic City and Hudson Yards stand out – but they have been too few. Some of that of course is self inflicted as have not gone on beer or food tours like I usually do. Have been very conscious of costs this time with the shocking exchange rate and my changed financial position but maybe also got too old to be the “ only single Aussie guy on tour”. It can border on creepy when everyone else is under 30 😏 It’s hard to imagine another solo US holiday with two big holidays with CLP planned for next two years . Hard to imagine me saddling up again at 67 years of age and 3 more years of deterioration . Let’s not forget ,the knee is fast catching up to ankle 👨🏻‍🦯 I also rarely ate out which of course is a travesty when you visit these great cities and you don’t do them justice .

The last day in NYC started out gloomy and rainy but at least cooler. It did clear to a better afternoon and of course the coolest and best morning of the whole holiday was Monday morning when I flew out.


Best Flight.

The Qantas flight from Melbourne was best simply because it was the only non economy flight. It left on time, good service, bag received . AA certainly run a efficient no frills service at least in my class level.

Best Lounge

Admirals Flagship in LAX is a step above anything else and still not sure how I got in . Admiral Clubs are more like Qantas Clubs so nothing special but better than nothing. The business lounge at Brisvegas was actually very good but the QC at Melbourne is cod ordinary

Worst Lounge

Las Vegas – because there isn’t one !

Worst Flight

No real bad ones but 14 hrs in economy is 14 hrs in economy even with good service so Qantas LAX – Brisvegas is the “loser” . All flights left pretty well on time and didn’t lose any bags

Best Accomodation

They all had their strengths and weaknesses but all very comfortable and safe. The winner is MGM Signature because on high floor and the best bath of any hotel have stayed in that I recall. Very important after a day of walking . Tower 3 not ideal with extra walking

Chicago – bar fridge in middle of room , small bath , no laundry

Philly – the stairs , the creaks . Every amenity you could ask for though

New York – hopeless TV in room . No streaming, no ON Demand just crap . Great room though, good location

Best Pool

Las Vegas . Wish I had discovered earlier . Great way to spend an hour

Best Tour

Much like the pool, only one entry so a clear winner . Trip to Grand Canyon was very comfortable if a bit long. Glad you saw it and Hoover Dam but not a lot else to fill in time

Best Beer

The Cloudburst IPA at Twisted Tale in Philly mostly because it was actually a bit of a session with a stranger and you got Popcorn

Worst Beer

Miller Lite at Paddy Whack also in Philly. It was flat and tasted odd. Only drank 100ml

Best Coffee

Had plenty of good Cortado but the best was La Colombe in Philly

Worst Coffee

Anything non Cortado basically. A small field again but a tie between Starbucks Latte at MGM and Latte at Pretty Mangy in 30th Street Station

Geek Tourist Moment

You can’t go to Vegas and not get a picture with Elvis even if you have to dig him up

Best Day Trip

Again a small field but the trip to Atlantic City was great on a glorious day . Bit dead perhaps but that means less crowds.

Best Bar

Clear winner – Club 2212 . Handsome bartender, generous pours , no crowd , American Honey , great views

Best Public Transport

Buses in Chicago and NYC were great . Modern and clean . Subway in NYC was ok….it’s old and a bit dirty but efficient and relatively safe during day. Philly and Chicago were a bit rougher. Good Police presence in NYC

Worst Transport

The taxi ride to JFK on Monday was a nightmare. $100 USD flat rate and a very dangerous driver. She had one accident on the way and could have had 3 more

Biggest Disappointment

Scaffolding is everywhere in NYC. Detracts from some wonderful buildings and also makes it that bit harder to walk around.

Biggest Surprise

I didn’t break my ankle in the 3 weeks or catch the lurgy

Best Partner

Well, look who turned up at airport to drive me home 😘

And that’s a wrap. The ankle is a shocker after last 36 hrs of mostly sitting . Be good to get home to Maryhole tomorrow and back into my boring routine

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